Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If I Could Sew Like A Pro...

If I could sew like a pro, I would be ambitious enough to open my own Etsy shop!  I suppose everyone starts somewhere- and somewhere for me was in high school.  I was so into the boho hippie look that I decided to make my own long patchwork skirts.  I really had no idea how to go about it, but with a few YouTube videos and home ec class I had enough knowledge to get started.  I went into Michaels and picked out a few of my favorite patterned fabrics and got straight to work!

I soon realized without a sewing machine this would take hours on end!  So I hounded my mom for a sewing machine.  Then finally, after many chores done,  she bought me my first sewing machine!  I was stoked, and couldn't even wait to get started!  After a many mistakes, I finally had made my first patchwork hippie skirt!  I wore it to school, and while it wasn't "in style" I still got so many compliments on it and I adored it!

The fact is anyone can sew!  It's not that hard, especially when you get the hang of it.  It basically just takes trial and error and experience.  While I'm still not a pro, I love my sewing machine and now and then I still create some of my own masterpieces!  Maybe one day I will find the time to "sew like a pro" and actually open my own hippie patchwork skirt Etsy shop! 

Before you can become a pro you must first choose the right sewing machine, and luckily there are hundreds of sewing machines to choose from!  You'll want to take several things into consideration before selecting the sewing machine for you.  Will you require a basic or more complicated sewing machine?  What is your budget?  What are you panning on sewing?  You can certainly find a great sewing machine that fits your budget and your needs!  I hope that sharing my experience will encourage you to take the next step and begin a business of your own!  What would you make if you could sew like a pro?


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