Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I SEE ME My Very Happy Birthday Review & Giveaway

I SEE ME is an incredible book publisher that creates personalized children's books!  These are not just any ordinary personalized books, they are the most extravagant and fun I've ever come across!  Creators Maia and Allan Haag received a personalized book for their child and while they loved that it was personalized, they had some ideas of their own.  They came out with I SEE ME, like a child that sees themselves and their name written out.  And what a great idea it is!

   I SEE ME has over 20 different and unique books and book sets with matching puzzles, apparel, decor, matching blankets, and even gift wrap!  With themes from Fairy Tale, Pirate tale, to ABC'S, Life according to ME!, and so much more!  I SEE ME truly is the best personalized kids book you will find! 
I received "My Very Happy Birthday" to review, this adorable book begins with a hardcover filled with color and reads, "Emma's Very Happy Birthday!" Of course you will exchange the name "Emma" with your son or daughters name.  Each page throughout the book is boarded, with is perfect for babies and toddlers.  This book will last years and years to come with pages that won't rip out.  
Inside the book is a story is a sweet story all about your little one's birthday, and characters, the Duck, Mouse, Turtle, Bluebird, and other friends come together to prepare a super special birthday.  From the guest list to the cake, these delightful characters have thought of it all.  

This book was made right here in the USA and is written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Mati Rose McDonough.

What we think:  
This book is too cool!  I'm so in love in the illustrations and colorful print, and so is my daughter!  We gave this to her right before her 3rd birthday after a couple weeks of teaching her that you have a birthday once a year and yours is coming soon!  She knew she was going to be 3 so when I read this too her she was filled with excitement!   She absolutely adores the little characters, turtles are her favorite right now.

What I really love about I SEE ME and the "My Very Happy Birthday" book, is that this book is completely personalized to fit my daughters name and age.  It's built to last, is quality binding, and think board pages, and this specific book comes in girl and boy colors - so you could get matching books is you have a son and daughter!

I SEE ME now has an awesome referral program, go ahead and sign up right away and you and your friends will be earning $5!  So that's $5 off for your friends, and you get $5 for every friend that purchases...save up all your I SEE ME dollars and you'll be earning books for your little ones in no time at all at no fee!  Sign up http://www.iseeme.com/refer-a-friend-sign-in.html.

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