Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Tikes TikeStix Review and Giveaway!

Have you heard about Little Tikes new line of preschool construction toys?  TikeStix are AWESOME!  Watch out rentals because your kiddie is on a mission of engineering anything they can imagine!  This super dynamic line of indoor/outdoor construction toys promotes innovative ways of toy building play.  They can design and build their own forts, race cars, nursery stations, petting zoos, and so much more!
What Is TikeStix?
They are actual building blocks that are big enough for your child to create a fort and fit into it comfortably, while at the same time learning problem solving skills and inspiring creativity.  These building blocks actually look more like sticks, hence "stix."  The difference? These sticks can be easier to build large things, like a fort! 

How do they work?
Simply connect them to each other to create whatever you can think up!  These TikeStix can connect in all sorts of ways.  So it's not hard to make them fit or find a place to put them. 
We were sent The Playhouse to review! 
The Playhouse comes with 50 interlocking pieces, 1 piece of fabric and 8 clips to hold the fabric on.  TikeStix are recommended for ages 4+.  It's really neat.  I had a lot of fun helping my daughter build different things.

TikeStix comes in a big box with an easy to carry handle.  When you're all finished playing you can keep the box to clean up and store your TikeStix.  As you can see in the picture my daughter was thrilled to open the box!

Once we opened it we separated all the pieces on the floor.  I recommend have a larger area to play in to make it easier to build. 

We started by building the fort.  TikeStix comes with an instructional to build a few different play things, but that should just be used as a guide.  You can really make anything you can think up, so the instructional serves as an idea guide.

Our finished fort:

It took us about 15 minutes to put this fort together!  The main part is just like the instructions and we make our gate different so ours is more like a walkway.  My daughter and I had a blast putting this together.  The pieces are very colorful and super durable.  Each piece has many different indents so that they can all be connect to each other. 

If you can see the blue somewhat circle shaped piece that one is great because you can connect pieces to it in so many ways.  All the pieces were thoughtfully designed for kids to easily connect.

The next thing we built was baby nursery.  She just adored this!  Now if you take a look at the blue piece on the top you can see that's a different way of using it than we did on the fort.

There really is endless possibilities to the things you can create with TikeStix.  Your child's imagination and creativity will run wild while at the same time teaching motor and project-building skills.  You never know your little one may even grow up to be an engineer stemming from their deep interest in TikeStix!

TikeStix has several different sets available.  Including the Clubhouse, which has the same pieces as the Playhouse only in gender neutral colors.  Also the Doghouse and the Rocket which has 30 pieces. 

We just love our TikeStix and I would totally recommend it for any kid that loves forts or building things!  It would also make for a great Easter gift!  Would you love to win your own Playhouse or Clubhouse?  Enter Below:

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