Friday, March 9, 2012

John Carter Movie Review!

**This review was written by Stash Daddy- aka: Stash Mama's Husband.

I like to think of myself as a self proclaimed movie critic, so when I had the chance to see an early screening to John Carter I jumped on it!  I had already seen the previews and knew of the movie.  I happened to be making dinner at my Moms house one night when the preview to John Carter came on.  My Father started talking about how much he wanted to see it and how cool it would be in 3D!  Well, my Wife was offered to attend a screening to this movie and I was able to take my Father to see it!

Tuesday night I rode down to Atlantic Station with my Father, on the way down we talked about the movie and read some reviews on my phone.  Once we arrived we about ran out of the car to get inside!  We were sure to grab our popcorn and some sodas before we took our reserved seats.  At that point we were at an all time high of excitement.

John Carter begins back in the wild west days.  It threw me off track because of the trailers I had already seen, but I found it refreshing.  On his quest to find gold in spiders cave he is offered in more than civil ways to fight for his country, well Caption John Carter of the Virginia Calvary was an official outlaw and retired from the  Army.  His only mission was to find gold.  On his quest he finds himself in a few awful situations, but little does he know it only gets stranger and worse. 

The visual effects were breath taking.  I declare new man code rule:  From now on all action movies are ONLY to be seen in 3D Imax.  I actually caught my pops several times reaching for a tree or mountain, pretty funny! 

As the movie goes on Caption Carter ends up on the planet Mars fighting a war- only this time he is somewhat given powers of a God.  It's a truly unique spin on a superhero/ love story.  I liked the way they tied in a love story, and the lead actress was gorgeous.  Overall the movie was great!  There was a very decent amount of fighting scenes and the graphics left me speechless!  I enjoyed the storyline and I would recommend seeing this movie in IMAX 3D! 


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