Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miche- Lot's of LOVE Valentine's Event Review and GIVEAWAY!

How many times have you spilled coffee on your favorite bag?  I have-tons of times!  The founder of Miche spilled stuff on her bags more than a few times too.  She was tired of transferring all her purse contents from one bag to another.  That's when the idea for Miche was born.  Today Miche is the most savvy and stylish bag on the market!

How does it work?  What makes it different than any other purse?
With Miche you truly never have to switch purses again, yet you can change looks in under a minute.  First you have your Miche BASE BAG- this is where all your personals sit.  Put everything you carry in your purse everyday in your BASE BAG.  Second you have your Miche bag SHELL.  The SHELL is just what it sounds- a shell that goes around your BASE BAG.  Your SHELL is chosen based on your style, and it's best to have a couple so you can interchange them and match all outfits.  It's brilliant, and couldn't be easier.

What I think:
Miche is definitely the coolest purse I've ever come across.  It's totally stylish as well as functional!  It's great to be able to switch out my purse in less than a minute.  I was sent the Rihanna and the Kendal Prima Shells as well as a Prima base bag to reveiw!  Prima is the style of the bag, it's a larger bag and a good size for me. 

The Rihanna
I definitely am crazy in love with this bag- It's a super bright and electric fuchsia faux leather and has a glossy finish.  There's roomy end pockets perfect for your lip gloss and a convenient front zippered pocket perfect for your cell phone.  I like to take this purse with me for nights out- out to dinner, out to a movie, anytime I get a little dressy I'll use my Rihanna to match my outfit. 

The Kendal
This shell is also a Prima shell so it's shaped very much like the Rihanna.  It's a super cute silvery color- and gives you a sophisticated chic look.  It's a faux leather and has pleated detailing in the front along with deep side pockets and an oversized exterior zippered pocket for you personals you need to keep on hand.  What I love about the Kendal is that you can use it to dress up your own outfit.  It's not too dressy but will certainly give you the look you want with less effort.  The Kendal is my favorite I just love it!

Miche an enormous collection of handbags from all different size shells to all different patterns and colors.  Each bag is individual in their own way and you can even make it more unique by adding the accessories Miche offers that connect to the bags.  If you looking for a purse that will make your life a little bit easier...GET YOURSELF A MICHE collection this Valentine's Day!

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  1. they look wonderful! I like kendall so much :)


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