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HTC Status - Lot's of LOVE Valentine's Event Review and PHONE GIVEAWAY!

Finding the right phone isn't always easy- much like finding your perfect soul mate- finding a phone requires trial and error, BUT when you truly find that phone that compliments you personality you know you can stop searching!  This Valentin's Day HTC wants to make thing easier.  This Valentine's Day you can get Hubby and yourself the perfect gift his and hers devices from HTC!

The HTC Rezound featuring Beats Audio will WOW your music-loving man.  And for the Ladies- the HTC Rhyme was designed especially with women in mind- with it's unique accessories and lightweight stylish form-factor you'll fall in LOVE very quickly.  Each device is exclusively made for Verizon Wireless priced at an affordable $199.99 (HTC Rezound) and $149.99 (HTC Rhyme) with a two year service agreement.

Why He'll LOVE the HTC Rezound:
The Rezound is the first of it's kind, the first smartphone with Beats Audio integration and headphones.  I remember when beats audio first came out- it was all my husband would rave about- it's pretty much like your own studio all wrapped up into one on your Rezound.  It's a powerhouse in audio and entertainment capabilities.  Any music lover will be able to appreciate this phones audio capabilities.  It enable consumer to hear music the way the artist intended with unique audio tuning and incredible stereo sound.  It's HD display will WOW him.  He can enjoy high-quality entertainment on the go perfectly on it's 4.3 incl LCD screen.  Oh, he's a photographer too?  The Rezound boasts an 8-megapixal camera featuring autofocus and dual LED flash.  Equipped with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and access to Verizon Wireless’ lightning-fast 4G LTE network, the HTC Rezound enables customers to enjoy their favorite music and entertainment without compromising on speed or experience, all for $199.99.

Why She'll love the HTC Rhyme:
The HTC Rhyme offers a fresh take on the traditional smartphone, it's specifically designed with a women in mind- it's stylish, sleek, lightweight, and holds all the feature's you'll ever need!  It's color is a Valentine's Day fitting plum finish- too cute!  The 5-megapixal camera will capture all those special moments and more with fun features such as action burst and panorama.  Experience HTC Sense, so for example instead of a full screen of jumbled icons you choose only your most commonly used apps right up front- each icon sits on a preview tab that gives you a quick glimpse into your calendar, messages, mail, photos, you name it!  With your purchase of the Rhyme you'll also receive a wireless bluetooth headset, tangle-free headphones, a wireless charging dock which doubles by turning your phone into an alarm clock, music station, and notification charm.  The HTC Rhyme is available exclusively at Verizon Wireless for $149.99.

I actually got to try out an HTC phone,  HTC sent me the Status to review!

This phone is awesome- it screams sophisticated busy body.  The HTC Status is the first phone to have a dedicated Facebook share button on phone for quickest one-touch status updates, sharing the latest news as soon as it happens.  While the HTC Status is a touchscreen phone it also has an open qwerty keyboard design.  This is great for the consistent texters, tweeters, facebooks shares, ect.  HTC's Status runs on Android 2.3.3 with HTC Sense.  This phone also has a 5 megapixel autofocus main camera with flash as well as VGA front-facing camera!

What I LOVE about this phone:
I love the look- it's super sleek, the aluminum accents makes me feel like I have extra bling, and it's really just pretty to look at. The curve to the phone is super cool, have you even noticed you have to hold your phone a weird way to text, this phone is angled so it fits right into your hand and allows you to easily text, email, and of course share anything!

The Facebook share button is too cool!!!  The button makes it so easy to contribute and share on Facebook. It also reminds you to share, the button will light up blue when it "thinks" you should share something, like if you take a picture, or browse interesting online, even adding an event to your calender.  It also allows you to sync your Facebook friends to your contacts. 

The Camera is also super cool, it has two cameras on it, one on the back and one front-facing camera. There's no more guessing if the picture will turn out because it's front-facing and you can see it before hand. The back is a 5-megamixal camera that has auto-focus and the coolest phone editing kit included. Take your picture and then hit effects and you can choose from all sorts of effect such as glimmer, twilight, bleak, vintage, antique. My favorite is the vintage look!

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Overall I'd say the phone is perfect for the social networking, always communicating, busy body.  I love that it's both touchscreen as well as qwerty keyboard.  The design is chic and stylish. I would certainly recommend it to others especially those who prefer not to type on a touchscreen keyboard.  HTC's Status is a modern gem in the mobile world!

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