Monday, December 12, 2011

Verilux CleanWave Vac- Holiday Gift Guide Review

Founded in 1956, Verilux was discovered by Howard Scott who often painted at night with poor lighting.  Finally he designed the Trucolite- a fixture that replicated 'natural' light.  Using the phosphor technology found in televisions, he made a lighting solution that was easy on the eyes.  Verilux brought it's research, innovation, and experience together to great beneficial and environmentally sustainable products in three categories:  Vison, Therapy, and Sanitizing. 

Verilux's CleanWave Technology utilizes invisible UV-C Light to safely sanitize the surface in you home and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites.  Leading the industry in healthy lighting technology.  Whether it be for reading, therapy, or sanitizing with light, Verilux products will have a positive impact on you, your family, and the environment!
I received the Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing portable vacuum to review!

What does it do?
This vacuum is used to sanitize, reduce germs, deodorize, as well as combats molds and allergens.  That's right, it's capabilities include tackling common odors such as pet and baby nursery odors for a crisp, neutral freshness.  Wouldn't it be great to sanitize surfaces like mattress' or bathroom floors without out using a cleaner that make do more harm to your family than good sanitizing?  The CleanWave Vac does just that, never use chemicals on a surface your children lay on again! 

How does it work?
Using UV sanitizing technology that's been around and used for over 30 years in hospitals, food processing facilities and water treatment plants.  CleanWave does just that.  The UV-Light found in the CleanWave can penetrate a micro-organism and significantly reduce viruses (like H1N1), bacteria (like MRSA), certain allergens and even pest eggs like bed bug, flea and dust mite eggs.

Using a 400 watt motor and cyclonic action for maximum power and suction the CleanWave Vac couldn't be easier or safer to use! 

Yes it's safe- Yes it's easy- But does it ACTUALLY work?
Laboratory test have proven the CleanWave Vac to eliminate up to 99.9% of MRSA, and H1N1 in 1 second!  OMG!  That's amazing.  It's great to know that you are killing germs and virus' so fast and securely.  Truly leaving behind nothing but peace of mind!

What We Think:
My husband is a clean freak.  He's always worried about "bed bugs" and germs around our daughter.  We don't have bed bugs, but there very well may be virus' and germs lingering on the mattress or floor where she plays.  So when I told my husband about the CleanWave Vac he was ecstatic!  I mean he pulled it out of the box- read the booklet- and used it immediately!  At first I was unsure if it was working, then my husband pointed out as soon as the blue circles show you know it's working.  The "blue light" is actually the UV light that is sanitizing the surface shining through to the top. 

You can easily separate the sanitizing part by unlatching it in the back.  Then pull of the top and you have the actual suction piece then you can grab little crumbs, and that works really well.  We love using Verilux's CleanWave Vac, it's definitely something I would recommend for families!!


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