Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twister Mania- Holiday Gift Guide Review (TOYS)

Twister has been around for years, and it's always been a family and party favorite.  Regular old Twister has only 1 shape and is only for 4 players.  Well now there is a whole new way to play Twister.  This holiday season for your get togethers Twister Mania for Kinect Xbox 360 is the best party game!  With up to 8 players and 16 ways to play you will have a real party this Christmas!

How Does It Work?

The board is now the tv and YOU are the game piece, you must twist yourself in thousands of different ways to stay in the game.

You start out by choosing a game mode out of 3 different ways to play. 
     -Party Play:  During this mode you start out with teams of two players.  You may have up to four teams totalling eight players.  Spin the "virtual spinner" and follow the directions as you move around the mat.  This mode uses all sorts of challenges as you twist and wrap around your teammate as well as your opponents.
     -Play It All:  This mode takes you around every game challenge from start to finish, it's like an obstacle course and you have to pass to move on.  Surely for the ambitious and overachievers!
     -Quick Play:  Don't have time to go all out?  Just choose which way you like to play best and your difficulty level and take a quick challenge.  This is also great for when you are just learning how to play...like a pre-game for the big league!

After you choose which mode you want to play then you will be going into the challenges.  There are four challenges and 4 variations of each challenge. A total of 16 different ways to play.  Yes-Twister Mania will keep you and your party animal friends busy for hours!


     -Shape Frenzy:  The screen shows an odd silhouette and you must fill it's shape, like you're standing in someones shadow.  Then you get points depending on how good of a job you did.  It's NOT as easy as it sounds...this gets very difficult and it's not like you're doing the same shape each time you play, there are over 1800 shapes to fit into!!!
     -Twist & Fit:  HURRY!  Don't hit the wall- the walls are coming at you with silhouette cutouts in them...you have to twist and hurry to fit in the wall without touching a thing.  Hit the wall and you loose points! 
     -Break It Down:  This one is really cool, you have to work your way through a stack of blocks...by assuming their form but when a shape is removed the wall about will begin to crumble.  So you have to be very careful and keep that wall up!

     -Spot On:  This one is to challenge up to 3 teams in a game of contortion like the classic basketball H-O-R-S-E so you create a shape and see if your friends can match it.  So instead of making a basketball shot from a certain location...you have to twist up into a crazy shape and your opponent has to match that...or be defeated!

What we think:
OMG this game is no joke- it's hilarious.  There are so many different games you can play that we literally spent like three hours on it one night!  It's so funny to watch my husband- a grown man- standing all crazy with one arm in the air and one behind his back while twisting half way around and trying to keep one leg in the air.  Oh and while you playing a game Kinect will take pictures of how goofy you are so when you're finished playing you can see how funny everyone looks!  It's fast-paced so you're never really just standing around, it gets your body moving..but not to the point where you're sweating.  There's literally hundreds of different ways to play so you're never doing the same thing again and again.  It's so darn funny- you'll laugh like crazy!  Twister Mania is totally for party's and families and would certainly make an excellent Christmas gift! 


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