Thursday, December 15, 2011

BJ's Crock-Pot Triple-Dipper Food Warmer- Holiday Gift Guide Review

This holiday season BJ's Wholesale Club is bringing you the hottest, most unique, perfect, and affordable gifts!  What am I talking about?  I'm talking about awesome prices on TVs, video games, cameras, gps, and even amazing kitchen appliances!!!  This season Bj's is your one-stop-go-to-shop for all your holiday and gift giving needs.  Their fabulous product line of kitchen appliances ranges everything from coffee makers, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, and slow cookers!

The Crock-Pot Triple Dipper Food Warmer sold at Bj's is the number one holiday party must have!  Serve up all your favorite appetizers, deserts, and dips all in one night!  This Crock-Pot features 3 1quart removable stoneware crocks and 3 multipurpose serving containers.  Now you can keep your delicacies warm at home or on the way to the party and there is never a need to switch containers because it doubles as a serving bowl!  It couldn't be easier to enjoy easy access to food with the Triple Dipper Food Warmer, featuring a lazy Susan feature that allows your dips to spin!
Product Features:
-Features three 1-qt. removable stoneware crocks for convenient cooking, warming and entertaining
-3 multipurpose serving containers offer serving convenience
-Dual-function travel cover holds lids down during transport and doubles as a serving bowl
-Lazy Susan feature allows for easy access during a party
-3 knob controls with warm setting offer custom temperatures for each crock
-Crocks, lids and serving containers are dishwasher-safe to provide easy cleaning

What We Think: 
This specific Crock-Pot I had my eye on for a while, It's truly the perfect serving tray!  The neighborhood my Mother-In-Law lives in is very ritzy, so when it comes to Holiday's all about presentation.  This season my MIL is going to have all the other housewives jealous with her triple dipper Crock-Pot.  The absolute best thing about this is that you don't have to cook your fabulous dip and then put it into another container to serve it.  It can be cooked and served all in one!  There is also a super nice plastic lid that snaps in place to make moving your appetizers somewhere else easy as pie!  The plastic lid goes over top each crock and each crock lid so it's definitely securely holding everything in place.

As you can see in the picture the Crock-Pot can also be filled with crackers, chips, pretzels, even tooth pics!  They've really thought of everything on this one!  Another great feature is the lazy Susan, Don't you just hate when you're a party and you can reach the food you really really want?  Just lightly touch this and it will spend completely 360 so everyone can get a taste of everything!

And last but not least, the Crock-Pots cord is stationary to the bottom and can be shut all the way up when you are finished using it, so there's no dragging the cord around and getting snagged.  My Mother-In-Law adores her Triple-Dipper Food Warmer and couldn't be more excited to use it at all the Holiday get-togethers this year!  ...And I couldn't be more excited to eat her famous yummy dips out of it! 

You can purchase your very own Triple-Dipper Food Warmer at BJ's for only $69.99 - put it to use this Holiday Season or gift it for the chef in your family!

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