Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who Is Going To See Twilight Tonight...Or The Muppets Next Week?

I have been DYING to go see the newest Twilight, which comes out in theaters TOMORROW night.  I may possibly go, it all depends of course.  But, what I am for sure going to see is The Muppets.  I'm going this Saturday, but it will come out in theaters everywhere November 23rd.  ..Don't worry I'll have all the inside scoop to that for you all..I'll be sure to let you know if I give it two thumbs up...or two thumbs down.  Have you seen the previews?  It looks hilarious!  So anyways the reason I asked about these movies, besides the fact that I'm totally stoked to see them, is that The Muppets just released a super funny poster promo.  Check it out:

HAHA I thought these were so so funny!!!  Can't wait to see both these movies ; )


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