Monday, November 28, 2011

Little One Books- Holiday Gift Guide Review and Giveaway (TOYS)

About the owners:
Barney and Joan are the owners, they are also grandparents that are still young at heart!  Each book chosen for Little One Books is handpicked and sure to make a meaningful difference in your special child's life!
Thirty years have elapsed since Barney and Joan raised their own children but five years ago they gained their first grandchild!  So of course one of the first thing in order was books and learning materials!  They believe that books, music, and video play an important role in a child's early years.  Today Joan and Barney have five grandchildren ranging in ages one through five!

While they were searching for appropriate material for their granddaughter they quickly became overwhelmed by all the products on the market.  They eventually found the restful bedtime music they were looking for, but not before a long journey through products.  It would have been much easier to find what they were looking for with a guide.  That is when Little One Books was created, to help other make informed choices among the variety of material for children today.
Joan and Barney specialize in quality books, music, and video for children ages birth to five years.  They personally reviewed every item in their store!  You can also find detailed information on why any particular product was chosen in the "Why We Choose" section of each product description!  They also match each item up with an appropriate age group.

What We Think:
The "Why We Choose" section comes so much in handy!  It really helps me decide if the book would be a good fit for my daughter.  It's hard to know what the book is going to be about or if it's your family's style but Little One Books makes that so much easier.  Taking advice from Barney and Joan is - Oh so easy- for me because they are grandparents, have been around the block, and they find the books that have education incorporated within them.  We love love LOVE Little One Books!  We received a few books to review-- check them out!

This Itsy Bitsy Spider kid book is the best version yet.  Beginning with the normal version and expanding even further when the spider's climbing is interrupted by a fan, a mouse, a cat, and some dew before she makes her way to the top of a tree to spin her web.  Written by Iza Trapani, this board book is perfect for children two years and up!
We love itsy-bitsy spider song so when we received this book my daughter was ecstatic to have more to sing!  We're still working on getting the rest of the words down, but it definitely becomes a fuller and more engaging story.  The itsy-bitsy spider goes on and on with new verses leading the spider into all sorts of new situations and challenges!

It's December 24th, and a kindly old man says good night to all the animals in the barn. As he settles into bed, he wonders when it's ever going to snow. He dreams that a snowstorm comes and covers him in a snowy blanket while he sleeps. Then he dreams that a snow blanket covers each of the animals in the barn, one by one. 
This book is really too cool, Eric Carle is a HUGE favorite of mine and my daughters!  The art is always fabulous and the books are quirky and neat.  This one is especially neat because when the "blanket of snow" covers the animals there is a plastic see through page and once you turn it it reveals the animal.  Very neat!  My daughter loves calling out the animal names and she thinks the old man is Santa Claus! 

Karen Katz is THE best.  We have several Karen Katz books and she always puts emphasis on love and care.  This book is different than all our other Karen Katz books, it has interactive gatefold flaps.  Yes the flaps are fun, and great for toddlers fine motor skill, but this book focus' on a different issue...the potty!  Ahh yes, Potty Training is such a joy.  When we started out potty training I thought things we're going great and then it just became mute and now we are working harder than ever to get her potty trained!  This book DID help her.  In fact this book is all about the child getting their very own potty, so I pulled out my daughters potty that she hasn't even tried to use for some time and all the sudden she was interested!  Katz also does a wonderful job describing how a gender-neutral toddler struggles to learn how to use the potty by thinking up excuses not to use it, etc.  Yes.  This book is awesome, I would strongly suggest getting this book for your toddler and THEN introducing their little potty as a surprise or gift.


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