Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Libby's- Keeping Families Happy Around The Table This Thanksgiving!

I absolutely love the holidays, to me it's a cozy, comforting time of year and I love spending it with family.  Second best, I love the food!  In the summer months you enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers and yes they're good, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around...I'm thankful to eat great food!

I spend thanksgiving at my In-Laws, there's always at least 10 of us.  So while it's a lot of cooking, it's time well spent with family!  In the end, once we finally sit down, it's nice to get that one use out of the dining room table and all be together eating comfort food.  

My father-in-law cooks the Turkey, my Mother-in-Law cooks the veges, and I cook desert!  What do I make for desert?  The same thing every year;  Peach Cobbler of course!

My absolute favorite family recipe- Peach Cobbler is always at our table on Thanksgiving!  

The Recipe:
-3 cans of Libby's sliced peaches
-2 cups sugar
-1/2 cup SYRUP from peaches
-8 tablespoons butter
-1 1/2 cup flour
-1 1/2 cup milk

*preheat oven to 350
*in saucepan mix only 1 cup sugar, syrup and mix up well, boil and simmer for 10 minutes
*put butter in baking dish, put into oven to melt. 
*mix the other cup of sugar, flour, and milk pour over melted butter
*do NOT stir, instead spoon Libby's peaches on top the pour then syrup mixture on top and a pinch of cinnamon
*bake for a half an hour
*add whip cream!

Yummy!!  I can hardly wait for this Thanksgiving!  Libby's always has kept our family happy around the table.  When you're cooking for 10 people it's certainly not easy, Libby's makes it easier for us, and lets us spend more time together and less in the kitchen!

Libby's Fruits & Vegetables is all about gathering and celebrating with family and loved ones around the table.  They sent me a few of their products to try out this Thanksgiving;

Libby's wants to know what do you love about being around the table this holiday season?   What are YOUR family traditions and of course favorite family recipes?  To get you talking Libby's is going to give you an assortment of their products for this Thanksgiving, as well as those fabulous Williams-Sonoma Heirloom Pumpkin Salad Plates (set of four) pictured above.  ,

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