Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey Dude Shoes- Holiday Gift Guide Review and Giveaway (MENS)

Hey Dude shoes are revolutionary shoes that actually simulates walking barefoot on soft ground.  They use Flex-and-Fold technology which supports healthy feet by stimulation the foot muscles and nerves.  You foot enjoys the freedom of movement and you look better than ever!

The Story Behind Hey Dude Shoes:
We've all heard the story about Snow White and the seven dwarfs...well I bet you haven't heard about the eighth dwarf!  Ascanio (the eight dwarf) was disowned by his seven older brothers and he became an outcast in fairy-tail village.  Ascanio was not just an outcast, he was also a genius of creativity...and very very lazy.  When everyone of the village was completely fed up with him Ascano finally packed up and left.  He needed to get away from a life of responsibilities and express his own lifestyle of maximum minimal effort. 

While on his Journey, Ascano met four Italiano VIP's who thought the barefoot dwarf was one of the weirdest Dude's in the world.  The Italiano's were inspired by that Dude and created a pair of shoes that would completely satisfy his every restless need of vanity and infinite comfort.  They created a shoe light as a flip-flop but as comfortable as a sneaker.  All thanks to that Dude...Ascano.

My husband and I each received a pair of Hey Dude's Fall line to try out!

Cervino Charcoal
"fresher than the freshest" my husband would say!  Yes, these boots are way cool, SUPER COMFORTABLE, and heck yea they look great too!  Cervino's are fully equipped with fuzzy faux fur lining and a durable sole.  Hey Dude has your comfort in mind and has maximized all comfort potential!  This look can be transformed in seconds with contrasting shoestring or keep it calm and leave you strings the same color- it comes with two pairs.  What kind of vibe will you get from these shoes?  I'm talking a preppy bad ass and yet classy look.  You'll fit into multiple scenes without ever having to change your shoes!  Cervino comes in 3 different color combinations -spicy earth tones on a suede body.

My husband ...I can't even say he loves these shoes, because it's gone so far passed that.  My husband is obsessed.  Yes.  I said it.  Obsessed!  Hey Dude shoes have emerged to his number one worn shoe on a daily basis.  The Cervino's are his second baby.  The Cervino's come with the back heel part of the shoe up, but my husband rolled them down so the faux fur shows more...and he's straight owning that look!  My favorite part about these is that together they weight less that 3 lbs.  I hate all his other shoes, their clunky and heavy and a pain in my butt.  These are soft and weightless.  Bottom Line- they look good on and couldn't be more comfortable!  Every man should own a pair, as my husband says, they're like sexy shoes that feel like slippers.

Vittoria Gray Plush
I got to try out the Vittoria Gray Plush. I heart these! Think about the ultimate MOM add style to them...and 20X more comfortable! YES! That's what I'm talking about! These are fabulous and go with so many different outfits. It says plush because they're mostly fabric. Very soft, like boyfriend tee material. I was a little concerned when I pulled these out of the box because my feet are a bit on the large side. I was worried these would make my foot look bigger and wider, it's actually the opposite. My feet look smaller and cute! I can wear these with pants, a jean skirt, skinny jeans, just about anything but a cocktail dress and even then Vittoria's are so darn comfortable if I had to go to a cocktail party I'd totally want to wear my Hey Dude's!  And the best part- I don't ever have to tie my shoes.  Vittoria's can be worn with or without laces!


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