Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fisher Price Dora's Fiesta Favorites Kitchen- Holiday Gift Guide Review and Giveaway (TOYS)

This year toddlers are luckier than ever.  Fisher-Price has come out with the coolest interactive kitchen for kiddies yet!  It's colorful, it's fun, it's a's DORA!  Dora's Fiesta Favorites Kitchen!
"Vamos a concinar!” "Lets get cooking!"

Does you little one love Dora? Could she possibly be an aspiring cook?  This child-size kitchen features over 60 phrases in English and Spanish and actually comes with 3 AA batteries.   It's unlike any other kid kitchen with unrealistic accessories, just like Dora this kitchen is upbeat and educational!  Check it out Mama's; Fisher Price sent me this kitchen to try out and I'm going to tell you everything you want to know!

Recipe Cards:
The kitchen comes with 1 recipe card that holds two recipes on the front and two on the back making it four total recipes.  This is what really makes this kitchen special and interactive.  Each side of the recipe card also has a picture above that doubles as the kitchen window.  The recipe card is already digitally programmed to tell you exactly what your making.  Each button matches up to the recipe above it.  Recipes include: Hamburger, Ice Cream, Tacos, and Huevos Rancheros.  Definitely an awesome meal for any fiesta!  The recipes cleverly include pictures of the ingredients that you will need.  The pictures on the recipe exactly match the food that comes in Dora's kitchen!  You can also collect additional play pack that include additional pretend food and recipe cards that unlock even more phrases!

Take an adventure with Dora every time you cook!  Using the recipe card your little one will need to find each ingredient to make their meal.  This becomes educational, where they will have to match the name in English or Spanish to the picture and then to the actual play food.  This reinforces reading and listening skills as well as manual dexterity.  And it's just like going on an adventure to find all the ingredients for the recipe!

The Kitchen: 
Cute as can be!  The kitchen includes a brightly-colored pink, orange and yellow stovetop, oven, grill, sink, and refrigerator combination for easy storage and handling of the included accessories. 19 pieces come with Dora’s Fiesta Kitchen including food, utensils, cookware and phone.  It does require some assembly, but definitely very simple to follow and put together, it took me about 10 minutes.

What She Thinks:
I mean what more could a toddler want?  Hah!  Yes, my daughter is a Dora enthusiast, so when she laid her eyes on this kitchen it was L-O-V-E!  Cooking "like mommy" is so much fun for her!  I especially love the recipe card, because I can see her looking for what she needs and processing what else she has to find before the food is complete.   Oh my favorite is every time the phone rings on her kitchen she picks up and says, "hello..byebye!"  It's so funny to watch her play with this kitchen!  I also love how neatly she organizes, like once shes done with some thing she puts it back into the refrigerator and shuts the door.  Pretend play is really the best play there is.  It gets their juices flowing and imagination moving!  My daughter is crazy about her Dora kitchen! 


  1. My daughter is getting this for Christmas Already have it on layaway. I'm so happy to see it's a good one. So I know my daughter will love it!

  2. When I try to go to the Google+ link for Stashmama and Mommy Explorer it says the page doesn't exist, and I can't find your link here, either. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for looking into this:)

  3. this is so cute! my niece would really enjoy this if i won!

    tracisme at gmail dot com

  4. My daughter loves Dora!! She calls her "D-D-Dora!" Thanks for the giveaway!!


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