Monday, October 17, 2011

Brainy Baby Review and GIVEAWAY!

The Brainy Company produces the highest-quality products for children, toddlers, and of course babies!  Your child's education is of their utmost importance and they've worked hard to create the products that will both motivate and excite your children.  The Brainy Company has produced the most innovative and creative products that have been proven to make a difference in their learning experience.   The Brainy Company produces everything from books, cd, dvds, and flashcards to toys and apparel.  I received the complete set of ABC's, 123's, and Shapes and Colors.  Each set included the Flash Cards, Board Book and DVD!
Each Board book is very sturdy, not bendable or ripable.  I've had them for a few months and they've held up to my daughters everyday wear and tear beautifully, in fact they still look brand new.  I have confidence these will last for baby number 2 to enjoy someday too! 
(123'S)  Take the repetition out of counting to 20 a boring chore and make it a fun activity!   Real life colorful images, associated with a number, makes this item a child's favorite! 3 kittens...6 flowers...7 bananas!

(ABC'S)  The ABC'S are a whole new adventure with this book, each letter is featured with a real-life object whose name begins with the letter.  What I love about this book; each object that is related to the letter is easy to know and understand by toddlers.  We have had ABC'S books that would use outrageous objects that a toddler wouldn't event know so it's almost impossible to make a connection.  This isn't the case with Brainy Baby, this book is fulled with objects that are in everyday life that a child would know.

(Shapes & Colors)  Triangles, squares, red, blue and green! Your child will delight in viewing various shapes and colors with this new sturdy board book!  I love that this book includes Diamond, that's one that my daughter didn't know until she picked up this book!

The DVD'S:

Each DVD is 45 minutes long and includes special features such as: Baby Bloopers, Behind The Scenes, Video Sing-Along and an Interactive Activity.

(123'S)  The number dvd introduces numbers from 1 to 20
Cute kids, happy songs, familiar objects, and colorful animations give this eye-catching program two thumbs-up!  My daughter knew how to count to 20 before watching this, but had trouble pronouncing the numbers.  After watching she can pronounce numbers, such as thirteen and eighteen much better!
(ABC'S)  Introduction to upper and lower-case letters and multiple letter-sounds.  Before watching this she didn't know the alphabet at all.  Now she can sing the alphabet very well, she skips a few letters...but she has an idea of how the song goes!

(Colors & Shapes)  Introduces 12 Shapes and 12 Colors using catchy sing-along songs!
The Flashcards:
Each deck contains 36 cards including a Parent card with helpful fun hints to teach your child.  Flashcards have always been a major part in teaching my daughter.  I only wish I would have had these from the start.  Even if your child is too young to learn the Abc's you can still show them the picture on each card and ask them what it is, eventually turning it around to show the letter that makes that words sound. 

We LOVE flashcards.  Even on the number cards, you can let your toddler count each picture and then show them the answer on the back of the card.


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  4. I would love to try their ABC's Board Book!

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