Thursday, October 20, 2011

BEARPAW Is Here To Keep You Warm! (Review)

BEARPAW is a rather new brand, founded in 2001, with the intention of redefining casual footwear.  BEARPAW has utilized sheepskin to create the most comfortable yet stylish sheepskin boots!  Founder, Tom Romeo,  used nature's own technical fabric sheepskin to naturally regulate body temperature so feet stay cooler and drier in heat and warmer in cold.

BEARPAW uses only the finest materials and makes everything from slippers to boots to casual footwear.  Imagine a shoe that focuses on comfort and fit just as much as quality and style!  BEARPAW has many collections of shoes, with The Classic Collection leading with comfortable styles featuring sheepskin linings and classic detailing. 

Over the years BEARPAW has become more than a shoe, it's a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that reflects who you are and what's important to you.  That's right, we're talking sitting around a bonfire with friends,  watching waves at your favorite beach spot before winter comes, and even just laying on the grass looking at clouds. 


I got to review the Constantine Solid in beautiful Concord.  My first thought was how gorgeous the color is, it's a deep purple, perfect for fall and winter!  These fabulous boots are lined with a beige super soft sheepskin and wool.  These fit about mid-calf and have a suede foot with a cable-knit shaft.  There is also a tasseled lace around the top that allows you to adjust the fit. 

I absolutely love love LOVE these boots!  First of all I'm all about flat shoes, you'll hardly ever see me in heels!  The suede is a must for me, I had a pair of suede BEARPAW boots through the entire winter last year and they still look great!  Probably my favorite part to these boots is the knit.  The knit is so comfortable and I always think cable-knit looks classy and classic.  The tassels are too cute, there's a little copper charm on it that really gives the boots a chic look. 

Overall I say BEARPAW is definitely the way to go this fall and winter and every year!  They are cozy, comfortable, and way fashionable.  I can wear them with plenty of outfits, in fact lately I've been wearing them with my Pj's.  They are like a big soft sock cushion, I just adore them! 

After wearing my new boots around I have a sense of confidence and more than anything, comfortablity.  They remind of what I love about fall, the comfortable weather and the changing colors.  I want to explore and relax in my new boots.  BEARPAW is not just shoes.  It's a lifestyle.

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