Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dora's Ballet Adventures DVD Review and GIVEAWAY - Birthday Bash!

"Dora! Dora! Mommy!"  My daughter loves to shout Dora's name as she watches her on the big screen!  The newest Dora the Explorer DVD is out Dora's Ballet Adventures is quite a hit! 

Now your little one can join Dora as she gets ready for her big dance show in her newest DVD which feature four of her dancing episodes.  Included episodes: 
Dora’s Ballet Adventure
Dora’s dance class is getting ready for a special dance recital and her whole family’s there to watch her perform. They just need to wait for the Delivery Duck to deliver their ballet slippers. But the Delivery Duck brings scuba flippers instead of ballet slippers! Dora and Boots must get the slippers before the recital begins.

Dora, La Músico
C’mon and join the musical parade! Dora and Boots are leading a parranda over the Piano Bridge and through the Singing Gate to free the instruments that were locked up by the evil Señor Shhh!

The Super Silly Fiesta
Dora and Boots are invited to the Big Red Chicken’s Super Silly Fiesta where there will be silly snacks, silly games, silly hats and even silly dancing. But, the Big Red Chicken lost his party cake! Dora and Boots set off to save the fiesta. After searching forever, they find the cake in the silliest place Big Red Chicken could have left it – on his head!

It’s Boots’ birthday! Dora tells him that all of his friends are waiting at her house to give Boots a big party. To reach Dora’s house, they’ll have to climb a long flight of Stairs and cross the Troll Bridge.

What we think:
First of all if you have a toddler and have not seen Dora the Explorer you are truly missing out!  Dora is the coolest little adventurer and also very educational.  My daughter is a huge Dora fan.  She started watching Dora about 6 months ago and since then it's trumped any other show she's watched.  In each episode Dora is goes an a new adventure where she and her pal Boots must overcome a problem or puzzle to help someone. Dora speaks mostly English throughout the show but also a few Spanish words and phrases.  My daughter started trying to say the Spanish words that Dora said so I started to teach her, and to be honest I didn't know any Spanish myself.  I started catching on while watching Dora with her and then I decided to google a few other things and now my daughter can count to 10 in Spanish, she says Good Morning and Grandma in Spanish and I'm super proud of her!   It's great to start children young on a second language, at this age their minds are so spongy so it's easier for them to catch on that it would be for an adult to learn.  Dora is definitely a favorite in our household, my daughter even has the Dora Ballet Dress up Dress which she likes to wear while watching Dora!  It's too cute to see her sing and dance along with Dora!

Go to the Nick Shop to purchase the Dora’s Ballet Adventures DVD:


  1. this is such a cute dvd and with my daughters 1st birthday coming on the 15th she will love it if we win!! thanks for the chance

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com

  2. This would be for my daughter.

  3. This would be for my 2.5 year old daughter...she adores Dora! And she just started taking dance classes.

  4. My daughter loves Dora. She eve has the pink and yellow dora dress! Right now her room is done in dora.

  5. my daughter

  6. This would be for my niece. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

  7. this would be for my daughter!
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  8. My daughter Darcy loves Dora and just started ballet classes, so she would freak out!

  9. My grandson's little sister! She loves to watch Dora when she comes to visit :D

  10. This would be for my granddaughter Ryan

  11. My daughter is just starting to like Dora at age 2 , Im new to your site too! Thanks for the giveaways!

  12. My daughter, she loves Dora!!

  13. this would be for my son and daughter. We just got Dora's halloween parade, saw a preview for this one and now want it

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  14. This would be for my two daughters. They both love Dora!

  15. This would be for my daughter
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  16. I'd like to win this for my niece, Desiree
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