Thursday, September 1, 2011

DaGeDar Review and GIVEAWAY!

Did your kids love Kung Zhu battle hamsters?  Of course!  And now from the creators of Zhu Zhu Pets comes the latest sensation DaGeDar!  It is a racing game, a collectible, and a gang of unpredictable creatures all in one action-packed adventure toy!

For this review I received:

DaGeDar High Speed Stunt Jump Track

Your DaGeDar ball is on the biggest adventure where you control the speed at the starting slope.  Ready...GO!  Beginning down the slope and launching through the hoop to a sudden gap in the track...JUMP!  and SCORE!  into the funnel!  They'll have hours of fun with this baby!

 DaGeDar Rapid Fire Power Launcher & 2 DaGeDar Ball Bearings

Two words; Fast and Furious!  The Rapid Fire Power Launcher allows you to load up to six balls for maximum power.  It even comes with 2 exclusive balls!  Watch out this high power Fire Launcher is not to be messed around with!

DaGeDar Flip Action Carrying Case & Collectible Ball

Hey Moms there's even a carrying case!  Heck yea!  We all know us mama's keep a better eye on our kids toys then our children do, but with DaGeDar you don't have to worry, the carrying case is a key chain that can be hooked onto your backpack, key ring, pants loop and more!  They'll never forget their balls because they have the awesome flip-top dispenser that can carry up to 3 balls securely.  Every case comes with one ball!

What we thought:
My boys loved this, it's been set up in our living room since it came in the mail!  They're friends went out right away and bought some of their own balls and then they all traded and played with the ramp.  The ramp is way cool, the best part is there is a small gap in the track so that when the balls go they jump it and surprisingly they make it into the funnel every time!  My boys loved that the most but the Rapid Fire Power Launcher came in a close second.  This is really neat too, you can load the balls and they just fire on out anywhere you want.  I would definitley say this is going to be a huge hit this holiday season.  My son said most the kids in his class already have the balls.  The carrying case is surely my favorite, I hook it right onto my sons backpack and it says closed and keeps his favorites safe and secure.  If you have boys too, this is a great gift!  Even my sons friends younger sister loves them, so they are not just for boys!  Thank you DaGeDar for sending us these fabulous toys, we love love love them!

This review was brought to you by Angie; writer for Stash Mama Blog


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  2. This would be for my son. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

  3. This would be for my son. He saw the commercial on TV and has been asking for it.
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  4. This would be for my son.

  5. i would love to give this to my son!

    hiccupapparel at yahoo dot com

  6. My 5 y/o son would LOVE this!! Thanks for the chance to win one :D

  7. my 4yr old has been going on about these as the new hot toy! and i didnt even know what they where! til now!!! LOL thanks for the review and the chance to win

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com

  8. This would be for my son.

  9. This would be for my 8 & 4 year old sons.

  10. 'IF' I win, I will more than likely donate this toy to my daughter's school who will use it in their "Extended Care" program.


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