Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rock N' Learn School Rules Event Review and GIVEAWAY!

Rock 'N Learn makes educational dvds that help children learn by adding music with a current fun rock sound.  When I was in school I remember making songs and rhymes to help me remember and learn certain subjects.  It's a great helper and Rock 'N Learn has perfected that!  With over 50 products, Rock 'N Learn is a must-have for parents and teachers everywhere!  Rock 'N Learn works with subject ranging from math, phonics, reading, early childhood, social studies, Spanish, test-taking strategies, writing, and science.  Every DVD incorporates music with exciting colorful imagery and story line. 

Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language, and this DVD helps students learn to read them automatically.  This DVD covers over 60 sight words through engaging character, fun songs, and easy to follow practice.  There is also a bonus section helping kids with word shapes and spelling skills.  Recommended for Pre-K and up and is about 50 minutes long.

Sight Words Covered:
  • up • down • come • go • in • out
  • of • the • a
  • where • is • it • here • there
  • one • two • three • red • yellow • blue • little • big
  • look • see • find
  • run • jump • play • away • and
  • you • I • we • can • make • funny • face • get
  • to • for • me • my • give • from • came • as • are
  • no • not • now • said • help • will
  • he • she • his • her • they • that • was • with • on
What we think:
My daughter and nephew really enjoyed watching this, after a little while I caught them trying to sing along.  They danced and were totally engaged into Sight Words.  My daughter learned a few new words and has already been trying to add them to her sentences.  So now instead of her just say "There!" she will say "There it is!"  I totally give all props to Rock 'N Learn, because I hadn't even started working with her on that yet.  My nephew learned something new too!  Instead of him saying "Her likes it!"  He will say "She likes it!"  So it's definitely been a help in our family and I would absolutely recommend it to other family's and teachers!

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  2. Would love to have the addition subtraction rap DVD!

  3. I'd like the Alphabet Circus dvd
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot conm

  4. I would love to have the Getting Ready for Kindergarten DVD!

  5. I like the science and social studies for my 6 yr old.

  6. I'd get the alphabet exercise dvd
    mearley1979 at gmail dot com

  7. sight words dvd or heck granddaughter's mother left her a yr ago and she has had a hard times with school ever since

  8. I would like the EarthScience or Human Body DvD

  9. I would love the science and social studies.

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