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Bistro MD 1 WEEK OF FOOD GIVEAWAY! School Rules Event

***This review series was written by Jenna M Wood of Momma Told Me, for Blog POP! All opinions expressed therein are provided voluntarily, and solely hers.

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Bistro MD: Day 3
By; Jenna M Wood, Momma Told Me

The third day I awoke to prepare my breakfast and was pleasantly surprised by what I found, Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes and a Turkey Sausage Patty! The sweet start to my day was certainly appreciated. After my first day, I had decided to utilize the convenience of microwaving my entrees for the remainder of the week. Because our microwave wattage tends to run low, this typically takes 8 minutes for me, while most will find 5-6 accurate. Because Bistro MD has identified each entree on the exterior cardboard sleeve, setting aside the day's entrees was quick and simple. On the front of each of the meal jackets are an ingredient breakdown, chef's serving suggestions, and Nutritional Facts. The breakfasts are specially marked with an easy to find icon in the upper left corner.

My Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes were accompanied by a Portion of Sugar Free Breakfast syrup and Turkey Sausage Patty. This breakfast weighed in at 320 calories; a smidgen more than the previous two days. I was expecting the pancakes to be dense and savory, instead they were wonderfully fluffy and sweet! I don't consider myself a 'pancake' person, but neither the sugar free syrup or pancakes tasted low calorie. As for the turkey sausage patty? Well, not only was it cooked perfectly, and just the right size, but there was a wonderful warmth of spices and flavor that truly tied the meal together.

For lunch was a low calorie, 270, Turkey Bolognese with Whole Wheat Rotini Pasta, Bolognese Sauce, Mushrooms, and Cream. So far this turned out to be the most scrambled of my entrees, and not very appetizing in presentation. However, Bistro MD has taught me not to judge and the dish was surprisingly filling, and flavorful. I shared a bite with my husband, who could not identify the meat, or the offensive (to him) mushrooms. The texture of the turkey itself bordered on sausage, which made the dish easy to chew....but hard to differentiate when discerning flavors.

To wrap day 3 I enjoyed the brand's 220 calorie Salmon with Pepper Coulis. Not only is the calorie count unbelievably low, I had high expectations from my previous Bistro MD salmon experiences. This heart healthy fish can be very filling, and extremely low calorie- and sensational when cooked to perfection beneath the proper sauce. That's exactly where this North Atlantic salmon filet shined, atop a bed of red and yellow pepper coulis and beneath the most vibrant of Bistro's sauces. Also accenting this meal, for true gourmet highlights; chopped leaf spinach, Kalamata olives, and sun dried tomatoes. Pure heaven, and hardly what comes to mind when one thinks 'diet'

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