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Baby Chronicles Review and GIVEAWAY

It all began when Dania Lebovics, creator of Baby Chronicles, had her first baby.  As a first time mom every experience is a new one and most of the time very overwhelming.  Dania didn't want to forget anything about her child's babyhood.  She started taking notes and traking her baby's progress, recording every little detail in a notebook.  As an accountant, Dania decided to transfer her notes onto a spreadsheet and organized them according to milestones.   Finally when it was complete all Dania's friends wanted to have one for their own children...and so became Baby Chronicles! 

Now in its 14th printing, Baby Chronicles has developed into the perfect baby memorabilia book and now has a complete product line which includes:  Baby Chronicles, SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES, High School Chronicles and Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner.

Each year more than 4 million babies are born in the United States and Canada with every baby having their own unique story and life.  Why not illustrate the first years on a organized book that your child can look back to and see what life was like for them in the years they cannot remember.

I first have to say that I did not receive this book for review purposes.  I received this book as a baby shower gift from a close friend.  I also received two other baby books as gifts.  Baby Chronicles is by far my favorite book!  In comparison to the other books I had received this book had everything I wanted and much much more than the others!

What's on the inside?
--room for sonogram pictures
--place for hand and foot prints
--a baby teeth chart
--a sleaver for extra storage
--a growth chart
--medical history page
--pages for letters to baby
--family tree and photo space
--sections to put all the "firsts"
--baby's trips/adventures

There is so so much in this book, it truly has everything you could possible want/need!  The book combines flexible wiro binding with a hard and sturdy cover. 

What I think:
Like I said, I had two other different baby books that I didn't even give the time of day because they didn't have nearly as much as this one does!  I love this book.  As a first time mom myself, I too wanted to remember everything.  Once I got pregnant I was interested in all the things that I had/did when I was a baby.  My mother gave my my baby book and while it was nice, it barely had pictures or room to record anything.  So I wanted more for my daughter, I wanted pictures, records, and lots of interactive INTERESTING things to look at.  Baby Chronicles has just that and so much more.  I enjoyed filling this book up with facts and details and pictures.  I'm creative, but not so much to where I can create a scrapbook.  This book is like a scrapbook, only organized and room to add every little memory, super easy to fill up!  I truly cannot wait for the day my daughter is old enough to ask me "Mommy, do I have a baby book?" and I can pull out her book and wow her with all the memories!  I know she will appreciate and LOVE this book!

As I said I didn't not receive this book free to review, this is something I've had since before my daughter was born and grown to love.  My book is filled, check it out:

This is the Birth Announcement page where you can add in a copy of their birth announcement.

Above is one of my favorite pages, their horoscope and "Sign of the Times" page.  For my book I added the day she was born, I drew a picture of her sign, and even the horoscope in the newspaper of the day she was born.  The Sign of the Times page has room to add the car you drive at the time, the president, price of bread and a sample of the dollar bill or coin from the year they are born.

On the Prime Time News page I added clippings I found interesting or unique from the newspaper on the day she was born.  This is truly unique to Baby Chronicles, the newspaper from the day you were born is definitley not something many people have.  My daughter does ; )

The My Presents page lets you add in all the gifts your baby received.  You can put the name of the person who gave it, the gift, and there is even a place to check mark to be sure you sent out a thank-you card.  I LOVE the thank-you card checkbox, that really came in handy for me and I didn't leave anyone out.  On the next page I added pictures of her using the gifts she recieved:  The boppy, carseat, and swing.  Oh I even added the little stickers/cut outs of the bags she got her gifts in!

These pages are full of "My Firsts"  organized by Body, Tush, Legs, Potty Talk, and More Talk.  So for each section you add in their related firsts, like Body includes:  rolls from tummy, rolls from back, goes on hands and knees.  These are HUGE deals when you are a first time mom and your baby is making progress.  There is a place to add the date, age, and comments.  Here's an example from my book:  Legs; Crawls or creeps; I wrote, "6 1/2 months; You crawl but still a little slow, great job baby"

Ahh Bathtime, It's such an interesting subject when you have your first baby.  Before your first baby you probably haven't ever bathed a small baby.... How do you do it?  This page makes me remember what it was like.  I didn't really have a clue how to do it, but I know I had a tub, and some cute towels.  I made sure they were all set up before giving her a bath.  In my book I have a picture of her first bubble bath, I love it!

This page is "Collectable" whatever you classify as collectable you can add in here.  For example I added in her card that was used at the hospital, our name tags from our first trip to Gymboree, and Tickets from Mickey's Magic Show!

This page is really special to me.  It reminds me what it was like to take her to the doctors the first time.  Before becoming a mom you only worry about yourself, and if you're like me you don't go to the doctors often.  It's hard to schedule and stay on top of appointments, especially for someone else.  It was so hard to watch her get her first shots, and hold her there to get pricked.  I made sure Daddy came with me the first couple time.  I even saved her first bandaid!

Awe!  Her first birthday party!  Obviously the first birthday is HUGE and so is the memorabilia.  I have the cake decorations, a balloon, her candy bar wrappings, and a napkin from her first birthday party.  It's awesome, and something that can never be retrieved.  I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have this book.  I honestly probably wouldn't have saved them or they would have been lost.  I have them perfectly documented thanks to Baby Chronicles!

Here's the back pocket filled with extra memorablila.  I have a bib, "It's a Girl" button, my mommy cards, etc. 

Baby Chronicles has an entire line of books that are wonderful, especially if you loved the first one!  I was sent a few other books in the line to check out, here is a quck blurb of each:

Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner:
A practical 12-month perpetual calender for moms to be.  Includes a rolling 12-month calender, pages of stickers to indicate notable dates, steps to make a home baby-safe and even a storage pocket for appointment cards!

A fun and interactive way to keep track and record events and achievements during a child's elementary school years.  This book starts at pre-k through 8th grade.  Including an immunization schedule, space for personal accomplishments, memories.  It's designed to be contributed to first by parents and then later by the child, as skills permit.

High School Chronicles:
A terrifc way to record and preserve important data and events from the teen years for teenagers and their parents.  This book begins in Grade 9 and continues through grade 12.  It includes everything from academic achievements, extracurricular activities, summer vacations, jobs, driving lessons and so much more!


  1. I would get the School Years one for my kiddos. I am done having babies, but I WISH I had known about this when I was pregnant with my last!

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