Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"You're Still Co-Sleeping!"

...That's right folks, we're still co-sleeping, Princess is about to be 2 years old in a month and we still have her in our bed!  Yes, We hear "You're Crazy" a lot. 
That's ok. 

I wouldn't give up co-sleeping for anything!  We love it.  We have since day one.  I remember when she was about 6 months old every morning she'd wake up and make the biggest stretch.  We'd say "Stretch it out!!"  and she'd laugh.

Now she isn't as happy as she always was in the morning (she's not a morning person)!! But she is super happy before she goes to sleep.  Every night when we she's ready for bed she takes one of us and puts her arm around our neck and the taps the other one and reaches out to put her arm around both of us at the same time.  Hubs and I love it.

It's so sweet, she just closes her eyes with a big smile on her face and drifts right off to sleep. 

I think every family should do whats right for their family...and co-sleeping is STILL right for our family!  I also think no-one should tell you what is right and what's not, I hear most flack from my own family about Princess still sleeping in our bed!  It's just crazy to me. 

We do love snuggling and there's nothing wrong with that!

Then:  About 3 months old sleeping with her hand on mommy.

Now:  About 2 years old cuddling with daddy.


  1. Well, my daughter is almost 10 and still sleeps in our bed. Is 10 a bit to old, naw I dont think so. I told hubs if he don't like it he can sleep on the couch! However, there is a reason behind it, when I was younger our home burnt down and my brother died because of it, we live in a mobile home right now, and her room is at the other end. So MOMMA feels safer with her in bed with us. We have a king size bed so there is room. Maybe this is why baby #2 never happened oops.

  2. That is really sweet:)
    hey,no matter what, i think it will work out in the end and why would you want to miss precious times like that?!?

  3. My daughter will be 3 in October and we LOVE co-sleeping!! I hear people saying all the time, she needs her own bed...and when we're ready she'll get one!! A friend (of a friend) told me yesterday she has to gate her 2.5 year old daughter in her room so she'll go to sleep...YIKES! We sleep wonderfully every night.

  4. We are trying to break our 4 year old of the habit of sleeping in our bed at night. We put him to bed in HIS bed and he crawls into ours at night. We dont have room for him in our bed because he likes to hit, kick, yell, scream, and turn circles in our bed, and we dont like getting beat up or having him wake up the baby with his screaming and yelling. I like it when he sleeps in our bed, so long as he isnt violent, loud, and if the bed was bigger lol

  5. My daughter is 2 and she still co-sleeps with me and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I love going to sleep and knowing she's right there next to me or waking up to seeing her sound asleep. She's slept with me since day one and will continue to.

  6. my 10 year old sleeps in the same room as us. or i sleep with daddy and the little one, and the big kids sleep in the same room. or the big kids sleep with daddy, and i sleep alone with the little one. or... or... or... lets just say, co-sleeping rocks!


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