Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facebook Birthday Wishes ; )

So when I was in school growing up I remember (in grade school) the teacher would have like a special celebration for each students birthday.  She might bring in cupcakes or give them stickers, whatever.  Well my birthday is in the summer, so I was always jealous of those kids.  Then in high-school it was obviously fun to have a birthday and everyone say happy birthday to you.  But again my birthday is in the summer. 

So now....

There's facebook.  The other day I had 5 friends birthdays on the same day at Facebook.  It's really an awesome feature that young Zuckerburg probably thought of himself.  Now facebook even has it so you don't even have to visit your friends page, just click on their name and a little box comes up for you to write happy birthday and it's sent to their wall.  I always post on friends walls if I notice its their birthday, it's just so easy, why not?

So 10 years ago people my age would still have the same old birthday with wishes from their 10 closest family members and a few cards from grandma.  Now; when it's your birthday you can expect to have at least 50 "Happy Birthday" wishes just via Facebook.

Ok ok so today was my birthday and I have to say it truly makes me smile to see that people I knew years ago and even a few I've never met take time out of their day to say Happy Birthday.  It feels good to read their wishes. 

So no more being forgot with a summer birthday.  Thank you Zuckerburg, and thank you my awesome facebook friends ; )


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