Monday, June 13, 2011

X-treme Geek Father's Day Gadget Gift Guide Review

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X-treme Geek sent me the Wizard Wand Remote to review!


 Harry Potter and all Wizards alike, the new must have wand is out for you to try and cast a magic spell over your electronics!  The Wizard Wand is by far the coolest universal remote on the market!  Using only a flick or spin of the wrist the wand will change channels, volume, track, rewind, fast forward and much more with a total of 13 programmable commands!
What he thinks:
My husband absolutely loves this remote.  Let me start off by also saying he likes Harry Potter but he isn't a die hard fan.  That is what makes this remote great, once it's in your hand you suddenly become a wizard and gain a feeling of power!  There are absolutely no buttons on this remote for this remote you must train.  It does require a bit of patience to program but once completed it's well worth it!  Hubby took about 10 minutes programming it before magic was at his fingertips. 
The Wizard Wand comes with two modes, one for practicing proper flicks of the wrist and one for using on your electronics once proper usage has been accomplished.  The wand recognizes almost every piece of modern home entertainment apparati.  My husband uses the wizard wand exclusively now, he loves it and it makes him happy so it makes me happy!

•Batteries included!

• A wizard instruction map on how to use and programs the remote

•Arrives in a beautiful fabric lined box
perfect for display

•13 commands can be dedicated to a single device or divided between 13 different gadgets

Check out this easy to follow step by step video showing how exactly to use the wand:

"A word of caution: Do not meddle in the affairs for wizards, for they are subtle and quick to change the channel."

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