Friday, June 24, 2011

WAHL Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer Review!

I recently got to review the WAHL 17 Piece Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer.  I first have to say that love doesn't even do this product justice!  I adore this kit! At the top line, this kit includes all the tools you need for a perfect professional hair cut without high cost to you.  It is the world's first grooming device with Lithium Ion technology!  So what does that mean?  That means it has the most advanced rechargeable battery technology available essentially saving you from buying batteries or needing to be next to an outlet! 

Product features:
•Powerful lithium ion battery that hold a charge up to 10 times longer with 3 times the run time and 2 times the torque
•Three minute quick charge and 1 hour full charge
•Ergonomic and durable - Silicone rubber non-slip grip
•Trimmer Blades -Professional grade blades to define your facial hair
•Precision Detailer - Intricate designs or personal trimming of the ear hair, nose hair & brows
•Dual Shaver - Ultra close shave and ability to edge with precision
•Clipper Blade - Hair cut, outline and fade with barbershop results
•Guide Combs - Provide 12 cutting positions
•Next to zero charge loss in storage
•Environmentally smart
What I think:
Ok so my husband is obsessed over his hair.  Every two weeks he would want to go get his hair trimmed.  We cannot afford the Barber fees, let alone the time it takes to go there and get in.  So he cuts his hair himself.  I love that I don't have to hear him complain about his hair, It's great!  It's so cheap too!  We never have to pay for Barber fees!  I love that the WAHL comes in a handy kit that everything fits back into...leaving me with no mess to clean up.  Most of all I love that my hubby is happy and not complaining!

What he thinks:"This unbelievable product is so easy to use. I give myself a fade about once a week and for my buddy biweekly and the results are better then my barber could attain. (if I do say so myself!) I love this clipper, I will use it and save many dollars from NOT going to a barber or stylist. For the price of this it really is the best bargain! The kit comes with a variety of attachments, which is essential for a fade. I love how many cards it came with, I really needed the 1/2 inch. It doesn't bite at all, and yet still gets very close. It has adjustable power on the side, which is great. It's also very easy to clean, my wife has a fit if it's not clean. And lightweight, that's also an essential because if I am holding a heavy trimmer up on my head for a while my arms get tired and it becomes an unhappy thing. Besides saving me moola it is so convenient, I hate waiting around in a Barber shop for a trim. I recommend this to all who cut hair!"



Did you know?
A family of 4 can save $500 in a year by cutting hair at home. The average home hair cutter is also comfortable cutting hair in 3 times or less – the same amount of time it takes for the clipper to pay for itself.

Disclosure: I was provided with the featured item(s) at no cost by the manufacturer and/or its PR agency in order to test the products abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and my honest thoughts and are not influenced in any manner by monetary means


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