Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RepairPal Generates Accurate Estimates!

My husband and I were recently in a car accident.  He was pulling out of a parking lot when the person in front of him pulled out and suddenly stopped.  He thought she had gone so when he pulled out we hit her from behind.  Luckily it was a no fault accident so no one got points, and no one was hurt.  While her car was left with a little scratch our car was left with a broken headlight. 

Neither him nor I have any idea how much repair cost are because we are used to leasing cars and this car is ours.  So we didn't have a clue how much it would cost to repair or where to start looking for places to get it fixed.  I've heard so many horror story's where you go to get one little thing fixed and you end up with 10 other problems.  We definitely wanted to find a trustworthy place to get it fixed as well as have a good idea how much it would cost. 

I found RepairPal and the site is awesome!  It does all the work for you!  You can get a free estimate on how much repairs will cost and even scheduled maintenance!  Check it out:

First use the RepairPrice Estimator and fill in your personal fields

Then POW you get your personalized quote in seconds! 

Then choose a shop and you'll be all set to track your service!

I think RepairPal is great, it's fast way to get an accurate estimate on damages, maintenance and everything in between!  I'm sure I'll be using it again in the future and I'd totally recommend to everyone!


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