Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our First Easter -- (late post)

Yes, I know it's late, but I figured I'd share anyways!  Our Easter actually began about a month before Easter with me having princess find eggs around the house...just to get her prepared and ready to go!  My Mother-in-laws neighborhood is great, every year they have a person in the bunny suit, and egg hunts according to age, and even arts and crafts!  All you had to do to join the egg hunt was bring 12 filled eggs. 

When I was filling the eggs, this being my first year, I had no idea what to put in them!  I thought candy was all that would fit.  So I put some magnets in a few and candy in the rest...oops!  LOL Not really ideal for 1-3 year olds!  Oh well, at least I got some ideas for next year:
*Erasers  -- which still can be too small!
*Goodie Bag rings and cars -- if you go to party city they have great little toys that actually fit into eggs.

Anyways those are my ideas for next year! 

Princess is a pro-egg hunter!  She cleaned up, and had a great time!  That's one thing I know I want to have when looking for a house, a good neighborhood that comes together to make those sort of things happen. 


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