Saturday, May 7, 2011

Micheal Jackson The Experience for Kinect Review

Michael Jackson The Experience is now available for both Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system with Move motion controller compatibility!  Let me tell you it's awesome!  Allowing players to learn how to dance and sing like the King of Pop and perform to more than two dozen of his songs including some of his iconic hit,. fans "Can't stop till you get enough!"

I'm new to kinect as it is, but we have one and I have to say this is by far the best game I've played!  You can play on multi player mode or single, and players can just jump right in to dance and sing!  If you are a Micheal Jackson fan this is a serious must-have!  You can learn routines, signature moves, as well as lyrics while preforming some of Michaels greatest hits!

Ubisoft's proprietary Player Projection technology is amazing, it uses Kinect's built-in sensor to capture you and then put them front and center on-screen in the game.  It even shows the clothes you have on, so feel free to get in character!   Get your dance moves down because there is no remote needed and I'll tell you now, this game could double as a fitness program.

When playing you can choose from three different options:

Sing-- Kinect's built in microphone let's you sing your heart out and you will be judged on your ability to sing along.

Dance--  Move along to the choreographed and the closer on point you are the better!

Preform--  Double up, sing and dance together and put your skills to the test!

Experience includes Michael Jacksons top all time hits to sing and dance to, check out the huge track list:
•Beat It
•Billie Jean
•Black or White
•Blood on the Dance Floor
•Dirty Diana
•Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
•Earth Song
•Heal the World
•I Just Can't Stop Loving You
•In the Closet
•Leave Me Alone
•Remember the Time
•Rock With You
•Smooth Criminal
•Speed Demon
•Stranger In Moscow
•Sunset Driver
•The Girl Is Mine
•The Way You Make Me Feel
•They Don't Care About Us
•Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
•Who Is It
•Will You Be There
•Workin' Day and Night

Have you mastered all Michaels skills?  Try the MJ Dance School which will teach you choreographed preformaces step-by-step!  Now fans everywhere can experience the magic of Michael Jackson by dancing and performing to the King of Pop's greatest hits.

We absolutely love this game.  I cannot stop playing it!  So far my favorite to dance to is "Thriller" and my favorite to sing to is "Billie Jean."  It's so neat how the Kinect picks up everything, the exact clothes I'm wearing, with detail!  I've gotten pretty good, at first I was too slow but after having do the routine a few times I got it down pat!
Here I was scored with an OK
And here I was scored Perfect!  Oh yea!

We spent hours playing this game already, with up to 4 players at a time, this is certainly a game for the entire family to enjoy!

For more on Michael Jackson The Experience, join the official Facebook page HERE!

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