Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little People Happy Sounds Home Review

As I've said before, my daughter loves Little People.  She cannot get enough of them, everywhere we go she is sure to grab one of her people before we walk out the door.  We've acquired a bunch different little people from different places, but we didn't have an actually platform for them to play on.  Fisher Price was happy to send us the Little People Happy Sounds Home to review!   

We we're so excited to finally have a house to play on!  The Happy Sounds Home is too darn cute!

First of all, the level of detail put into the house just goes to show how great Fisher Price is!  This house comes with 2 people (mama and daddy) and a baby, as well as 2 chairs, a table, and a highchair!  This "happy home" is a two story house with plenty to do.  Whether it's washing the laundry, taking a bath, cooking in the kitchen, taking a nap, talking on the phone, or simply eating lunch the Little People Happy Sounds Home always has something going on! 

My daughter adores the Little People Home, it's definitely by far her favorite toy!  Her favorite feature is the doorbell.  She gets on one side of the house and I get on the other side of the house and she rings the doorbell and I answer it.  She says, "Hello!....Bye bye!"  and then shuts the door.  We do this over and over until she finally decides to come it. 

Once she's in, (she plays with the baby most)  then we have lunch with daddy.  She likes me to be the Mommy person and she likes the Mommy person to "give baby bubble bath."  Then we take a nap and play with the other people.  The house also makes lot's of different "Happy Sounds" besides the doorbell, the toilet flushes, the laundry washes, the phone rings, and more!  Oh, and the house even comes with a Little People DVD for you're child to watch while playing with them.  The DVD is really funny, it teaches right and wrong and helping out!

She plays great by herself, which is surprising because she usually always likes to have Mommy play with her.  She's so funny to watch from afar, talking to her people and making them talk to each other.  Whenever she's done playing she lines up all her people; it's so cute!

The thing I like best about Little People is that it's all up to the child, Fisher Price provides them with the people, the platform, and the rest is up to them.  By that I mean it's all in their imagination.  Too often children are sitting in front of a tv or playing with little laptops.  They NEED some free imagination time, to learn, experience, and open up their brain to all the possibilities.  You can do anything with Little People, just pretend and you'll be there. 

My daughter is crazy about her Little People, she loves them all.  In fact on an average day I usually have two or three hiding in my purse for when we are on an outing.  Thank you so much Fisher Price for providing you're adorable toy to my daughter, she truly enjoys playing with it...all the time!

As required by FTC, I was provided with this product free of charge through the company/pr agency.  All opinions here are my honest opinions, I was not compensated by any monetary form.

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  1. Wow I have been thinking about purchasing that for my daughter for some time and now I know I will surely have to. Great review.


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