Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Go Green With EdenFantasys!

That's right!  You've gone green just about everywhere else, now it's time to take going green to a different level ; )  I'm talking wooden toys, organic lubes, rechargeable vibrators, how about a solar bullet! 

Ok...now I'm pretty sure most women can relate to desperately searching for AA batteries for you know what!  Make sure that is never an issue again!  With the solar bullet and the rechargeable vibrators you are saving money, electric, ...and yourself if you get my drift! 
Now, what about lube?  You are eating organic, using organic lotions..why not lube?  These lubes are infused with organic herbal extracts and oils...can you say sensual! 
Thank you EdenFantasys for allowing us to go green in one of the most important aspects of life...the bedroom!

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