Saturday, April 2, 2011

What would you do for a discount?

So, my husband loves the brand Ecko, so I subscribe via email for coupons, ect.  Check out their latest discount:

Hmm...what could that mean?

Are they serious?  Is this going to be the new fad? 

After contemplating it I decided it's a good idea for the company.  I have 4 tattoos and people always ask about them.  If you had a tattoo of a logo and somebody didn't know the company and they asked about it.  They would probably think "Wow!  That must be a great company if they got a tattoo of them!" 
maybe they'd think "What an idiot!"

I say "What an idiot!"  LOL you paid for a tatto and now all your getting is 20% off! 

They have 2 logo's you can choose from and from my experience I'd say they are going to cost at least $60 to get done.

So my next question is how long will it take you to actually save money?

...probably a lot longer then it took for that tat to heal.  lame. 

After contemplating it even longer I thought is there any brands I would do that for?

...I say yes.  For sure.  ...Brands like apple.  And I want 50% off for life.  Oh Oh and I didn't even tell you the funniest part, after you get your "kick-ass" tattoo all you have to do to get your 20% off at Ecko is show the cashier.  So if this does become a fad...just get your whole butt done in different brands, that way you can moon cashiers for discounts. haha

For more information on how YOU can get your 20% off at Ecko go HERE.

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  1. okay that's about the silliest thing I've heard but I'm getting a good laugh picturing random people walking up to cashiers just to show them their tatoo.


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