Friday, April 15, 2011

Teaching Shapes...for Toddlers!

Ok, like every mom I want my child to be completely up to speed on the learning bit...and even advanced.  *proud mama winks*  So I started thinking my 21 month old should learn shapes, but wait how old are they when they should know shapes?  After googling, and asking around I decided they learn all about shapes in kindergarten so probably around 2 or 2 and 1/2 would be a good time to start getting to know shapes. 

So I have like 3 different shapes books, 2 of which I bought at the dollar store or dollar at Target, and started introducing them to her.  Not all. 

While playing with stuffed animals we lined them all up in a circle (for no particular reason) and Princess thought that was so fun.  So I started telling her "let's sit in the circle."  She caught one.  Eager to play some more I asked her what this was.  THEN finally there was:

Me:  "What's this?"
Princess:  "Circle!"
Me:  "YAY! That's right!!!!!! Whooo hooo!"

I never thought I'd get so excited over the word circle.  But here I am writing all about it!  So I think I discovered a key:  Find different ways to teach (fun ways)

I started making circles everywhere.  Chalk, magnets, coloring, and whatever else I could find.  Then I went back to those books with her and Tada!  We're on to square and triangle next. 

Has anyone else found some successful ways to teach shapes?  I'd love any tips!


  1. You should try food. Like cutting veggies or cheese into the shapes

  2. Wow she is really smart. Congrats on being such a great mommy and teaching her early.


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