Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looking for a Fundraiser that works??

When it comes to school fundraising I think we all can honestly say we are over the cheap and junky prizes that children work so hard for.  School fundraisers are meant to be FUN and not to disappoint kiddies with a toy that breaks in the first five minutes of use.  Well Mama's looking for school fundraising ideas, so pitch the PTA Big Event Fundraising and the kids will love you forever!  Big Event Fundraising has proven to not only offer better quality merchandise to customers and increase sales, but to also make the kids incredibly satisfied! 

They have 4 Big Event prize incentive programs to get those kiddies geared up and ready to rock and roll!  This is what sets them apart from other companies and Big Event Fundraising knows how to motivate students to want to sell their items!

Check out their awesome prize programs:

*Magic Show Prize Program:  While it's motivational as well as educational the kids love to see magic happen right before their eyes!  See the magic for yourself HERE!

*Super Party Prize Program:  A kids definition to FUN.  Forget School,  the Gym is filled with huge inflatables to play games, jump, slide, and so much more!

*Reptile Adventures Prize Program:  Keeping this event unique to curious children who want to find out hidden facts of reptiles and hands on experience. 

*Super Splash Party Prize Program:  ...uh doesn't the name say it all!  ALL kids love to get wet, now mix that with inflatables and games and you have the best party ever! 

So how easy is the incentive?  Check it out for yourself: 

That's to enter the super splash party!  And that's only the first 4 prize leves.  This list continues to 9 with an iPod Shuffle as your prize!

Besides good incentive to sell, you also need good products and that's why Big Event Fundraising is the way to go they have the right product to make your fundraising sales to go off the charts!  So what do they sell?

Lot's of choices here, pick from cookie dough, specialty items like Jewelry, frozen food, the cutest seasonal magazine sure to grab the neighbors attention, and even those neat card fundraisers with all the discounts on them!  Hope I gave you some ideas for your schools next fundraiser!  Choose a Big Event Fundraiser!


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