Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eco-Friendly Products From Earthwhile!

"just because you are buying green eco-friendly products, quality and reliability do not have to suffer, nor do they need to cost the earth" - Earthwhile

Since 2007 Earthwhile has been on a mission to satisfy the demands of the more eco-conscious consumer, without breaking the bank!  Earthwhile is a UK based online shop specializing in eco-friendly products.  Earthwhile carefully chooses every product they sell and make sure that each product does what they promise, save you moneys, electric, or water, or promotes the use of renewable energy.
Earthtwhile has everything you need to make your own lifestyle greener and eco-friendly plus they carry wonderful gifts is you are looking for the perfect gift for that 'greeny' someone in your life. 

I searched the site and found some awesome products for camping and outdoors this spring, like wind up flashlights and radios!  Those are awesome, I actually have a wind up flashlight and I would never go back to batteries.  It's great, just wind it up and let there be light, you never have to worry about it dying on you or buying new batteries!  The wind up radio is the same idea.  Earthwhile also has outdoor lighting, such as solar powered lights, great for lighting up pathways at night!

And of course I have to tell you about their toys!  Earthwhile has a huge range of eco friendly toys and gifts including wooden toys, flip flap, slate coaster and placemat set, and a range of designer reusable shopping bags by Envirosax.


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