Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Miss out on EdenFantasys Huge List of Promotions!

That's right I said huge...I do not use the word HUGE unless I mean it.  EdenFantasys has you set when it comes to getting a deal that fits your needs!  Check it out, right now you can get a FREE TOY with ANY order. 

So what qualifies for any? ...Any actual order you make!  No minimum purchase necessary!  Heck Yea that's what I'm talking about, just don't forget to add it to your cart!  Click HERE to add it to your cart now. 

So what's the free gift?  Enjoy a Deep vibrations bullet on EdenFantasys!

This free gift is:
*powerfull ;)
*$7.99 value

Not digging this, that's ok because there's a huge list of promotions you really have to check out! 

YUP ;) Those are all special promotions, and that's not even all of them, check this one out:

Whenever I see Clearance my eyes jump, so I had to take a look to see if I could spot any worthy deals...boy did I!  Sometimes when you see 50% off it's really 50% off or less.  Meaning there's one item for 50% off and the rest for 20% off.  NOT THE CASE HERE!  They are all really 50% off, you are saving up to $49.99!  Can't beat that..no where!

Or snag this must have deal:  "Enjoy explosion of flavors with System Jo flavored lubes: Buy one flavor get another FREE"

Uh did you say B1G1?
That's my fav deal!  Especially when it's something yummy like this that you are going to need anyway!  How could you not take advantage of this deal!

Be sure to stay on the look-out for fab deals, freebies, and promotions from EdenFantasys.


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