Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disney's Prom Event at Macys of Atlanta + Exclusive Interview with the Stars of the Movie Kylie Bunbury and De’Vaughn Nixon!

**In Theaters April 29th**

In upcoming release of Disney's new movie "Prom" there was a special event held in the Macy's of Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.  My sister-in-law, my daughter and myself were lucky enough to attend and even get to have an exclusive meet & greet with Kylie Bunbury and De’Vaughn Nixon! 

In the movie "Prom" Kylie plays Jordan, the most popular girl in school and born to be prom queen, but this year she finds her true inner self.  De' Vaughn plays Tyler, who has it all going for him, is the most popular guy at Brookside High, and the Captain of the Lacrosse team!  Although Tyler and Jordan may be the picture perfect couple, looks can be deceiving!

When we arrived I was already so stoked to meet with them. We had time for a few quick pictures and to talk about how it was to shoot their new movie "Prom!"

Me:  So what was it like shooting the film and being on set?
Kylie:  "Oh we had a blast!"
De' Vaughn:  "It was a really good time, such a fun movie too."

My sister-in-law is a junior in high school and even had a chance to share her excitement about going to prom for the first time this year!  While on the topic of shoes Kylie Say's "Definitely bring some flip flops!" and De' Vaughn jokes about wearing them!  The duo has such wonderful chemistry off screen that I can only imagine their chemistry on screen, I couldn't be more excited to see the movie "Prom!"  Check out this exclusive clip of my interview: 

Becca's Closet came out in support of the new movie, offering a place to donate gently used Prom dresses with accepting dresses for needy girls, so they too can have their dream night!  I even brought one to donate to such a great cause!  You can donate at anytime at Becca's Closet!

The wonderful ladies of Becca's Closet

Me donating my old dress!

Bunbury and Nixon donated a dress on behalf of Macy's to the foundation!

The event was a fabulous success, set up in the perfect location, the juniors dress section of Macy's!  With a backdrop and stage set up for the excited attendees to meet, get an autograph, and photo opp with the stars of the movie Prom!  When Kylie and De'Vaugh walked out the crowd roared with enthusiasm!  De'Vaugh announced loudly "Are you all ready for Prom?!" And the crowd shouted back "YES!"   The fans were all too excited to meet the stars.  It's truly inspiring to see the gleam in a little girls eyes and how happy Disney has, and will continue to make all of us! 

There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there’s only one PROM! Featuring an emerging ensemble cast and a powerful soundtrack, PROM hits theaters April 29th!  Be sure to "Like" Prom on Facebook for the latest updates!


  1. looks like a great night! Becca's closet sounds like such a great organization - we have something similar here in Charleston - they do dresses, shoes and even have hair and make up people donate their time...

    it's such a great way to give back.

  2. Looks like an amazing event!
    I am a new follower from the Follow Me Chickadee hop.

  3. This looks like a cute movie!

    I can't believe that I have never heard of Becca's Closet before. My sister passes by their main office on her way to work each day! I just sent off an email to my neighbors to let them know. Hopefully we can get some dresses together to drop off.


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