Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toddlers OUTDOORS!

Since it has been SO nice out in Ga lately I've been thinking about what summer will be like this year, now that Princess is older.  Recently we've discovered the joys of bubbles, she loves bubbles!  I'm talking any bad mood, wip out some bubbles and done, instant happiness!  So I did some looking around and found that CSN Stores has some really neat toys that I'm going to have to get!  Check out this Bubble Mower!  Too Cute, and priced at only $24 that's a deal I'm going to have to take up!

So then I started thinking about outside toys, like a play hut.  I found this adorable lookout treehut.  I love it!  She loves the slide and she loves to climb so this ultimately seems like the perfect toy!  Hmmm maybe for her birthday!  For $113 you really can't beat that! 

I also found a ton of backyard swing sets, all which I love.  I know a lot of my readers have older kids too, so I had to search through and find my favorite one.  They have a lot of great pre summer sales going on over there so definitely check it out!

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  1. That lawnmower is pretty sweet, maybe it would get the hubby to actually do some work around here LMAO!


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