Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teaching Toddler Words

I, like most mothers always look for different ways to teach my toddler.  So I've come across different cards here and there.  I got one at Wal-Mart for like 3 dollars, and two pack of cards at the dollar store, for just a dollar!  Lol  I love them and so does Princess!  I mean she really loves them, here's how we play.  I take a card and say what's this? then she tells me and I give it to her to put down or I put it down.  She's 18 months and knows so so many words!  I'm like amazed at not only the amount she knows but she'll names new ones each day!  These cards are awesome learning tools and they're only a dollar!  Oh, and she loves to collect them, the only downside is they get bent up, but for a dollar who cares!


  1. Great idea! And I love that you are teaching her and not throwing her in front of the TV for the TV to do it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Too cute. My daughter is 18months also and it's shocking how much they know already.

  3. I used these with my 3 year old as a toddler and I bought little photo albums from the dollar store and taped the pockets shut so she wouldn't take them out and bend and chew on them.
    We had 2 books of words, 1 book of colors, and 1 book of letter words. My daughter loved to look through them and I was so amazed on how fast she learned all the words.


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