Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Excited for Our "First" Easter!

This will be Princess' second Easter, but last Easter she was too young to have a clue what was going on, so this is kind of like the first.  Even though it's still March we've been preparing for an exciting Easter Holiday!  My parents made Easter so much fun for me when I was a child that I know exactly what to do for my angel! 

As a kid, when I would wake up on Easter morning My brother and I would find a trail of jelly beans leading to our basket.  It was so fun to follow the meandering trail along the floor to a decorated basket of yummy treats and neat toys.  Although my favorite thing about Easter was the candy, the trail of jelly beans was definitely my second favorite. 

Once I got older Easter was just another holiday I had to get dressed up for.  I became too old for egg hunts and the excitement wore off.

Now that I'm a Mama I couldn't be more excited for Easter! I can't wait to decorate hard boiled eggs...although I'm thinking it will be more of making a mess then decorating...I've already purchased the kit!  I know my favorite thing about Easter now will be seeing the look on my toddlers face when she sees the over sized "hop" that will visit the neighborhood, or maybe her finding a trail of jelly beans to big plush bunny in a basket filled with goodies!  Or maybe it will be stuffing her basket full of treats, or maybe it will be filling Easter eggs with coins and toys and "hiding" them around the yard, or maybe it will be seeing her in that beautiful Easter dress for the whole minute she keeps it on. 

Easter truly is a joyful holiday, you don't have the stress of buying gifts like you do for Christmas, it's a relaxing, fun-filled, and surprising holiday!  Down here in Georgia the flowers have already begun blooming, the weather is becoming warmer, and I have been planing where Princess' first Easter egg hunt will happen.  In fact I've been getting her ready for the big day, we have pre-game egg hunts in our apartment!  I'll put a teddy gram, quarter, or nothing in the the eggs and sit them around and coach her in finding and putting them in her basket.  I've been ready books with rabbits in them..any bunny she sees I'll say "what's that?" and she replies, "that's hop!" Her name for a bunny is a hop.  Funny because the movie "Hop" looks way cute and I'm thinking about taking her to see it...since she already knows what a "hop" is! 

All in all my absolute favorite thing about Easter will be watching daughter's excitement and my daughter enjoying the festivities with family...and the chocolate bunny of course!

(Picture of my Princess last Easter pooped from the festivities)

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  1. toooo cute, found you on the follow me chickadee blog hop.

  2. aawww! she is so cute!! this will be a big easter for us this year, too. my big boy will have his "first easter" (his 2nd, too lol) and will finally be a big brother officially :)

    found you via Follow Me, Chickadee! happy hopping!

  3. it is so cute when they can enjoy Easter!

    I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back?
    thank you :)


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