Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She knows the word Share...

When Princess turned one I started telling her "Share" when she was playing with another kid and taking their toys.  At first she didn't really get it...and I think she still doesn't!  Haha she knows the word but she doesn't get it.  Last night her and I were "sharing" ice cream.  What really happened was she didn't want to let go of the bowl or the spoon to let me help her.  Instead of letting me help her she started saying "Mine!...SHARE!"  LOL I thought this was the funniest thing!  She wasn't sharing at all but she made sure to tell me to share. How do you teach sharing? 

It's so difficult for me to correct her sometimes when shes so darn cute!  It's the same thing with "please."  I taught her to say "please" and now she thinks that if she says that she should get it.  Sometimes there are things she just cannot have and she'll say "please" and when I still say no shes so upset and I think she just doesn't understand "please" doesn't mean you automatically get it!  It's SO hard to say no after she says "please."  Does anyone else have this issue?  How do you stick to your guns when they are just so lovable and precious!!!

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  1. The sharing thing is hard. My little one doesn't get out much to play dates or whatnot. So she has no idea that she has to share with other kids. She does find with family though.
    We just taught Skylee please and it's just so darn cute when she says it and gives me that big ol' smile. But out of both me and hubs, I have to be the tough one.


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