Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reality Casting Calls

I was wondering if anyone has been to this website...I found a call for grandmas wanting their sexy back a couple weeks ago and told me mom to apply.  She did, and got called by a producer from Rachel Ray!  She didn't go on the show, but I was really surprised to see that it's like a real thing! 

Saw this on Facebook today:

Interesting...what could a medical team have to do with when you want to stop nursing?  I'd say that's a personal choice and not something that can be "helped" by a medical team.  What do you think?


  1. What is the website or is it on Facebook?

  2. What is it? I sure as heck would love to know how to wean my almost 20 month old. My son weaned himself at 11 months old. With my daughter, I am not sure how to stop her without traumatizing her.

  3. What in the hell IS that? I really want to know more - As for now, I'm a little infuriated. :/


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