Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Atlantians if you haven't heard of PVR yet it's a research company that pays CA$H for you opinion!  It's super easy and fun.  I've done 2 so far and it's always quick and you walk out with cash in hand! 

PVR has a new taste test opportunity on Friday, March 18 for men and women, ages 21-59 The sessions will last 30 minutes and will be held over the lunch hours and early afternoon .

If you are available to participate, please answer the survey questions HERE. If you pre-qualify they will call you to ask a few more questions and schedule your appointment time. If you participate in the study you will be paid for your opinions.  PVR is located in John's Creek on 141!  If you do decide to participate please use me as your referer -Candice from Stash Mama!


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