Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Business Must Haves

My husband has been gearing up for spring to officially open his new business.  We've already gotten signs and such now we're thinking we should get some custom pens with the company name on them.  He already has a hard time keeping a hold of things it'd be perfect for him to have extras there and if they're given away that's fine too!  I think that is an awesome way of advertising.  Who throws away pens anyway!  If a pen ends up in someones hands that happens to need his services, well I'd say that's a job well done!  After browsing a few different type, I decided I liked these the best:

They definitely look nice enough not to through away!  AmsterdamPrinting.com has a great selection of completely customizable products.  Offering everything from customized envelopes to drinkware, apparel, calenders, and so much more, AmsterdamPrinting.com really has a lot to offer a new business owner, even with a small budget! 


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