Monday, March 28, 2011

Looking for an Easter Outfit -- Costume Supercenter Review

So you want to be the Bunny in the fair this year?  How about a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny?  Or something a bit more creative then the boring outfits?  Costume Supercenter is the place to go with a ton of bunny suits to choose from!

Costume Supercenter carrys everything you could possibly need when it comes to costumes, accessories, events, holidays, or just plain fun dress up days all at a super low price!  I was lucky enough to receive the Elite Lil Bunny Infant Toddler Costume

Elite Lil Bunny Infant Toddler Costume

OMG this is the cutest costume ever!  With Easter on the way I've been trying to get my little Princess ready, we have pre-game Easter egg hunts, ready about bunnys, and even get dressed up as one!  My toddler loves this costume, which is actually surprising because she's not one to play dress up, but since she's dressed as a "hop" as she calls it she doesn't mind at all!  Of course when I try and take it off of her it's "No Mommy me hop! Me hop!" 

Put your little one in this and you won't stop hearing the "awws" from grandparents, neighbors, and everyone else.  It's so soft and plush and oh so cozy.  Featuring a warm, lined zip-up jumpsuit, a separate hoodie for maximum comfort, two bunny paws for the feet, and a plush carrot to complete the outfit! 
The Jumpsuit:  The legs are snap-open (perfect for easy diaper changes) the suit zips up the back with a button to secure.  There is a fluffy belly patch on the front and an adorable tail on the bum!

The Paws:  Two footie bunny paws covered in soft fluff and complete with paw prints on the bottom.  My favorite part of the footies is that they actually stay on.  They have a stretchy elastic opening that is not too tight but they don't fall off either!

The Carrot:  Obviously a perfect accessory, but I love that it's plush and you'll can tell it's high quality.  My little one like to fully play the roll of a "hop" by putting the carrot in her mouth!

Overall we love this costume, and so does everyone that sees my princess in it!  It's very high quality material and I wouldn't change a thing about it.  I can't wait to see her hop around on Easter looking for eggs!

I found so many amazing costumes for Easter including biblical costumes I never even new existed: 
White Easter Bunny Mascot With Yellow Vest Adult Costume

Mary Child Costume

Pink Lamb Newborn/Infant

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The Hoodie:  Tooo Cute!  Slip it right over the head and secure with a snap button in the back.  Huge floppy ears make this costume the sweetest bunny you'll ever see.

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  1. Your little Princess makes the cutest little bunny ever!


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