Wednesday, March 23, 2011 NO!

I first want to say I'm really not one of those super uptight moms!  Here's my issue, whenever we go out places people see my baby and they HAVE to give her something.  It's always the same thing, a lollipop or a balloon. 

That's sweet you want to give my 19 month old a balloon, no really that's nice.  But do not I repeat do not!  I cannot stand that! 

If you have a lollipop in a bowl just sitting there waiting to be given to somebody and you cannot stop yourself from wanting to give it to my toddler AT LEAST ask me first!  It's like where ever I go Princess has a sticker on her forehead saying "Give me a lollipop!" 

When my toddler is misbehaving or tired, the last thing I want to give her is a lollipop.  But no!  You had to give it to her.  Now I can't take it back.  So THANKS! 

Now YOU can come out to my car and clean the stickiness off of everything.

Think people, think.  The kid is 19months old and you are just going to hand her a sugar filled choking hazard, and not even ask ME, the mother.  If I wanted her to have a lollipop I would have gave her one myself.  If you love children and would like to study about how to help them, consider becoming a child psychologist.
And don't even get me started on balloons.


  1. I have the same problem!! People offer lollipops to my 16 month old, its nuts he could choke! A nurse asked me when we had to see a different doctor than my sons regular one. I thought seriously lady your a nurse and hes a baby!
    I agree with the dont get started on the balloons! Good Grief right!

  2. Haha apparently someone gave your little one a lollipop recently! :-) I know exactly what you mean though. I usually cut them off before they give it to her or take it away shortly after! lol

  3. I hate balloons and the squeaky sound that kids make with them....and clowns...

  4. I UNDERSTAND! Most people have asked me first or my daughter is so stand-offish that she won't take it anyway. But, come on. Kids don't need candy, especially when they are this little.

  5. That SUCKS, and you can't even complain without looking like a bitch. I really hope people don't do that to me. What's next, gum?

  6. Ballons are SCARY - won't even get into the chocking hazzard of a balloon - my kids were not alloud near them untill they would not put them near their faces - ever. As for people giving your child anything - bottom line, she is yours - you have every right to 1 put your hand out and stop the transaction being as poliet or rude as you want (poliet works better and 2 take it way from your baby. I would - my children are now 10 and 6 and have no issue at all watching other kids eat other junk, play with, get, have utter junk knowing what it will do to their bodies, make them feel. They never ever had that stuff in their bodies at that age. It is SO hard to be assertive, but bottom line, you are going to have to be about so many things over then next 17 years, this is only the start, get some practice in with the small stuff ;) hugs and good luck!


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