Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check Out EdenFantasys Sex Forum!

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So what exactly is a Sex Forum? This is a place where you can go and ask anonymous questions and share different opinions on specific topics. So what kid of things will you find?
Here you can Join a club, see what the Naked Reader Book Club is all about, Click on "Spicing up a Marriage" under Relationships to read others question and answers, take polls, and discuss anything related! Why not read "The Best of The Best" under personal stories. There is something for everyone here, hit the Lounge, read up on Sexual Health, and of course Everyday Sex!  If you happen to be on the shy side, not to worry it's all anonymous! 

While I was browsing I found an interesting poll about Sex Education in school:

Go HERE to add your own opinion!  EdenFantasys truly is a community, from review to polls you will find it all here and feel comfortable doing so!


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