Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Candlewick Press: Switching on the Moon -Book Review

I recently received the book "Switching on the Moon" to review.   Candlewick Press is my favorite book company, with great titles like "Potty" and "Miles To Go."  We have loved on Candlewick Press for a while to read my previous reviews go HERE and HERE.  Now, I'm super excited to tell you about another fabulous book from Candlewick Press!

Switching on the Moon
--A Very First Book of Bedtime Poems

author: Jane Yolen
illustrator: G. Brian Karas
co-author : Andrew Fusek Peters

This huge collection of bedtime poems is a wonderful baby gift and will be treasured forever!  You'll read everything from the nigh time owls to the city horns, bath time bubbles, to sweet lullaby's.  This book truly is exquisite and you'll find you wish you had it sooner!  Holding over sixty poems, Switching on the Moon is beautifully illustrated and a wonderful book to end baby's day to relaxing dreams!

price (U.S./CAN):  $21.99 / $26.00
type:  Poetry Anthology / Hard Cover
age range: 0 mos - 5 yrs

What we thought:
I absolutely love this book, and so does my baby!  "Switching on the Moon" is beautifully put together with three sections throughout the book as follows *Going to Bed  *Sweet Dreams  and *In the Night.  My daughter loves to be read to so this book is perfect for us her favorite poem so far is her favorite is "Bedtime Teeth,"  she can definitely relate to this, understand it and she loves brushing her teeth plus the motions I make along with it help too! 

 Another favorite is "Snuggles" we talk about snuggling before we go to bed and she thinks it's funny!  We adore this book and it's also a great gift!  I wish I would have received this earlier as a baby shower gift!  Sometimes poems and books get left out and this is great option for a gift.  I also have to add that I feel so much bonding while reading this book to Princess!  "Switching on the Moon" a definite must have!


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