Friday, February 18, 2011

Weaning...Day 4

Today, (yesterday) was day 4 of weaning.  I have to say it is going SO much better than I thought it would.  So the main problem spots for us are going to sleep and waking up.  Going to sleep she immediately wants to nurse, she crys for a little while but I'm sitting right there with her and as much as I want to give in to her and just let her I keep thinking "no come on don't do it"  and she crys on and off for about 5 minutes.  Then tonight I think we made a break through!  I gave her a teddy on either side of her and she layed down and mama and dada gently rubbed on her and rubbed her head.  I watched her fall asleep...peacefully!  It was great!  I actually think this is where co-sleeping comes in, I think she felt safe enough, she knew we were both right there next to her and this was bedtime. 

So I'm super happy for tonight, I'm hoping it will go like this every night, but I know there's good nights, and bad, and tonight was definitely a good one!  How's everyone else doing?


  1. That's great news! The past two nights Iz popped off on her own while she was still awake and fell asleep with me next to her. It might just be a fluke cause she still turns over and slaps me on the chest when she wants the "booboo".

  2. We are doing great with weaning. I had some engorgement but a friend at Church told me about putting red cabbage leaves on my breasts. It has helped SO much! Really weird but it works ;D

  3. Our daughter sleeps in her own crib, and she will be 19 months old in two days, but I just don't have the heart to wean her. She just got tooth #5, a molar, and she's teething so badly. Her poor little gums hurt so bad, and nursing is the only thing that seems to calm her down. I am glad your having some luck.


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