Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weaning...Day 2

OMG!!  I'll start out by saying breastfeeding is very important to me and ma bebe!  Now that Princess is 18 months...I've really had enough.  It's not bad, it's getting her to go to sleep.  She has always nursed to sleep, and so now what I'd like her to go to sleep sometimes I have to lay with her for what seems like forever. 
LOL That, and now when she want to nurse she pulls at my shirt and says "Night Night?"  and while it is all too sweet, I just don't want her to be dependent on me to go to sleep, ect.  Plus I figure if I don't wean her will never happen!!!  Ha ha  So today (yesterday) was day 2 of weaning. 

I have never tip toed so much in my life!

Day 1 went well, she didn't nurse at all during the day then getting to sleep was tough, I layed with her and watched Stewart Little (I've recently discovered she loves that movie!)  She tried to nurse, but eventually she went to sleep.  So that went actually better then I thought it would.  Then day 2, we woke up and AHHHH my tatas are filled....pain and a lot of milk, that's all I have to say about that!  So I HAD to nurse her...for my sake.  Now she's fast asleep again without nursing...YAY!  I have never tip toed around so much, she's still co-sleeping too and I was extra extra quiet tonight!  I hope tomorrow morning is better...less full!  Haha but I haven't done much, any research on weaning yet so any tips would be wonderful!!!! Thank you all!


  1. I'm in your boat right now but not as successful. My day 2 started out with an fever for her (molars coming in) and I have a head cold. So we had a cranky baby all day long. I caved in to her whacking my chest saying "booboo" cause I'm just so darn tired! Me thinks weaning attempt will have to reconvene after we're better. Good luck! Check out my boob tube post for enforcement. I tried them out yesterday, loved it!

  2. Oh my gosh what a coincidence. Today is day number two for Little Bit and I as well. Talk about some kind of pain. Last night I took some sudafed to help dry me up and I put ice packs on my chest. Picking Little Bit up was out of the question. Good thing Nana and Pap Pap had him all day yesterday. Less sore today but there is still quite a bit of pain. Little Bit was quite attached to his morning feeding. He woke up this morning at 2am screaming and crying. We gave him some cow milk in a sippy. He was back up at 5:30 and this time inconsolable. I just let him stay up and drank copious amounts of coffee. At 8:30 he went down for a nap. Poor thing I think weening is traumatizing him. Hope your sweet pea does well!


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