Monday, February 21, 2011

Weaning...Am I done?

Hmm... I'm feeling confused.  This weaning process has lasted 8 days so far, and I'm feeling like I'm finished.   CRAZY!  I know!  For so long I have been dreading this process.  Actually I had always thought breastfeeding was so easy until it came to weaning her.  Even before Princess was born I'd thought about formula and thought how hard it was going to be to sanitize bottles, get the temperature right, measure out the right amount of formula.  It wasn't until she was about 8 months old when I realized...what am I going to do to get her off the boob!  Quick fall asleep nursing sessions started not being so quick.  I've "tried" weaning a few times, and now could it be finished?  Although there were tears shed, it seemed so easy.  She hasn't nursed for 2 days, but has still tried a few times.  I'm not full anymore.  Here's the funny thing:  I've been waiting her weaned for so long that now that it's almost done...I'm kinda sad.  JUST a little.  LOL My baby's getting so big!!!  I am sure though that this is the first of many things that I will have to let go of. 

I am amazed.  When she seems tired I turn off the lights and we lay in bed together.  We'll watch a cartoony movie, or just look at each other.  It's so relaxing.  She knows what "night night" is and she seems ok with it!  I was starting to think she'd never learn how to fall asleep on her own!  I feel like when you know the time has come for weaning, you just have to do it.  I'm relived that it went as smoothly as it did.   I feel like it's great she can self soothe a little.  Anyways, I'm kinda thinking it's a fluke it went this quick...or I'm really lucky!!! How's ya'lls luck???

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  1. I tried a few times in the past also...and failed each time. But recently I was able to wean my son. He still gives me those teary eyes and says in his little baby voice "why?" when I say no. Which kills me everytime. I just say you are a big boy now, lets cuddle and give him big hugs.
    The crazy part is I think he is sleeping better now that he isn't nursing (and he co-sleeps)! I don't know who it was harder on, but I understand what you mean by sad. Its a relief to be done, to get my body back, but its a sad milestone and moving on is tough.


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